COVID Fightback: SSMI Asia Creates History by conducting World’s Largest Lean Six Sigma Online Class

November, 17, 2020

Dr. Mikel J Harry Six Sigma Management Institute Asia (SSMI Asia), completed the world largest virtual Lean Six Sigma Black Belt & Green Belt class ever to be conducted comprising of 132 participants from 19 countries. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is the world’s most trending structured problem-solving methodology and SSMI is the world number one ranked provider of LSS training and consultancy with a worldwide follower base over half a million.

Speaking with SSMI Global Director Dumidu Ranaweera, often referred to as the Lean Six Sigma Guru of Sri Lanka, noted, “Covid-19 Pandemic has taken us by surprise, but we Sri Lankans are born with a DNA to fight back & prepared to face worst times.”

“At a time where many individuals look elsewhere in the world to upgrade their competencies & best practices, we are proud as a Sri Lankan entity to lead LSS education.  LSS is a recession-proof credential that equips individuals with problem solving tools and methods that help them achieve higher rate of success in their decision-making process”

Speaking with Aroshi Munasinghe- Vice-President, SSMI Asia, concluded, “SSMI Asia’s efforts to support a wider audience, while avoiding the physical contact, ensuring the safety of the participants, led to commencement of a Global Batch, where the reach had no boundaries. We were absolutely stunned by the global response for our efforts to support organizations & individuals in their journey to establish the ‘New Normal’”.

SSMI Asia’s inaugural Global Batch of 132 participants from 19 countries joins history the as “The world’s largest Lean Six Sigma Virtual Batch”. The batch brought in a remarkable blend of students from diverse cultures & industrial backgrounds. The dynamic Global faculty, which consisted of one SSMI Executive Master Black Belt, eight SSMI Master Black Belts and three SSMI Black Belts coming from Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, Canada, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines and Maldives with their expertise from different industries not limiting to Apparel, Automobile, Palm Oil Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telco, Banking, Hospitality, Construction, FMCG, Education, ICT & Finance topped the notch.

Dr. Sakunthal Durairathnam, Senior Faculty member of PIM, explains her experience being in the Global Batch, “I have enjoyed this a great deal. Amazingly, whatever the comments we gave you took lightning speed action to remedy. You did a fantastic job”. Supply Chain Manager, Nestle Vietnam, “Amazing…I am recommending this programme to more colleagues”. SSMI Asia is starting their next batch in January, 2021.