A truly Sri Lankan product to reach global markets in Education

June, 1, 2020

The outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic has forced all schools to temporarily cease all their services, thus exhibiting the importance and convenience of online learning. Online learning is an easy and convenient way of bringing education to the receiver's doorsteps.

Modern Learning Studio, in order to aid the children during this pandemic has launched their very own online teaching platform. Leamojo, Sri Lanka’s first virtual education platform is continuing to help the students during this pandemic.

Although numerous teaching assistance is available on channels such as Zoom and Skype, the security and privacy is compromised for both teachers and students. Leamojo ensures to maintain privacy and confidentiality in addition to ensuring that each child gets themselves engaged with well-trained coaches who are highly experienced in teaching and bears the capability to ensure the child's safety online. Moreover, joining with a prominent and reputed organization like Modern Learning Studio, parents are at ease with the quality assurance. The parents are relieved from this stress as their child is in a monitored class with a system in place to observe the activities that are taking place in the virtual classroom.

Leamojo is a centralized platform in which students are provided with expert coaches, research-based teaching material and student resources, that parents could make use of to support their child.

Leamojo’s recently launched virtual preschool - Mini Me Live for kids in the range 2-5 years are provided with appropriate coaching online that stimulates development and prepares them for school. Furthermore, this program ensures to lay out the activities in par to the child’s capacity and requirement. The well trained and experienced coaches bear in mind to understand each child and thereafter recreate activities that suits best to the child.

Guilded Home-schooling program, which is another consists of various packages initiated in accordance to the parent’s requirement. This facilitates parents to make the choice of selecting specific subjects that the child needs support with in order to aspire their ambitions.

Presently, the leamojo home-schooling project has a global student base from countries like Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar and Dubai. Established and operating from Sri Lanka, Mini Me Live focuses to expand its student base globally bearing in mind to maintain optimum quality while providing the service, simultaneously, ensuring the security and safety of the students.

As mentioned by the Founder of Modern Learning Studio(Yasmin Mubarak) ‘I am confident that by 2022, we would provide teaching opportunities to more than 2500 Sri Lankan teachers and expand their student base globally as well. Modern Learning Studio has seen a fruitful growth in its student base in all the programs currently conducted. Thus, the Mini Me Live through Leamojo would definitely recreate an entire new phase for the preschool system and be a great change in the future education systems. Modern Learning Studio hopes to provide optimum quality services in order to support the students and help them climb the ladder to achieve their dreams as “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”– Nelson Mandela.