Nearly 10,000 SL migrant workers lost their jobs due to COVID-19

July, 31, 2020

Nearly 10,000 Sri Lankan migrant workers have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign employment Deputy General Manager and Spokesperson Mangala Randeniya stated.

Speaking exclusively to Ada Derana first at 9, Randeniya further stated that the SLBFE is ready to provide all necessary facilities to repatriate migrant workers who wish to return to Sri Lanka.

“By now up to 8000- 9000 have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 situation. The most important fact of this situation is that the SLBFE staff and embassy are making efforts to re-employ them in different places. Discussions have been taken place in Qatar. The Qatar embassy has made several initiatives with new employers where these job lost employees can be employed and the progress is positive. The other countries are also making the same effort, " he said.

"The Bureau is currently taking care of 15,000 Sri Lankan migrant workers."

“The Bureau is ready to allocate its resources for repatriation activities. The Bureau will provide residential training centers to be used as quarantine centers and financially assist workers in purchasing airline tickets, ” he added.