Uber Eats, a catalyst for customer convenience and wider reach for restaurants

May, 6, 2021


The evolution of digital technology in the consumer world plays an instrumental role in transforming many businesses and living conditions across the globe. New digital trends pave the path for a rise in society’s expectations, resulting in the need for constant adaptability and innovation for businesses to strive in this day and age.


Many established businesses in the local restaurant industry have now begun leveraging digital platforms and other technology-based tools to sustain their operations while catering to dynamic market trends.


Generational businesses such as Royal Bakery and Carnival Ice Cream thrived for decades due to their emotional connect with the local communities. Keeping pace with the times, they decided to align with digital platforms such as Uber Eats to help further augment their new lines of business.


Here’s what the two famous restaurant partners have had to say about Uber Eats:

Givantha, Royal Bakery:


“Royal Bakery was established in 1906 and is currently a 4th-generation business. With time, customers have always looked for more convenient methods to get their food. We faced a few issues with regards to our limited parking space and long queues, which our customers always had to bear. UberEats helps us overcome those issues and our customers can enjoy our food without having to physically visit the outlet. On average, we see approximately 400-500 orders through Uber Eats daily, and the platform has proven to be more cost effective for the business.”


Afshaan, Carnival Ice Cream:


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“Carnival Ice Cream is a widely loved ice cream parlour. The brand is associated with many customers of different age groups, who have a shared love for our products. Although we had many customers who craved our ice cream, not all of them could physically visit the outlet. Thus we decided to partner with Uber Eats, so that our customers could gain easy access to our products outside the boundaries of our outlet in Colpetty. Uber Eats has since then shown immense support, providing us access to a wider customer base, more convenience and significant number of orders which helped us see a new growth in our business.”