Lubricants market heading for slippery battle

There are signs of Sri Lanka’s lubricants market becoming a slippery battlefield after April this year. While further widening the lubricant oil market in Sri Lanka, the Petroleum Industries Ministry is preparing to provide lubricant marketing opportunities to 15 or 20 more new companies from April this year. Currently there are 13 companies marketing lubricants…

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Whither bank interest rates?

Bank interest rates are a crucial factor in a country’s economic performance. The reason is due to the private sector obtaining more loans from the banks when interest rates are low and engaging in more economic activities and slowing down their economic activities whenever bank interest rates rise. Though at first glance obtaining loans would…

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Has Sri Lanka’s prosperity really increased?

It is a normal human tendency to shout about the losses incurred but keep quite whenever profits are gained. The story that most relate in this country is how they continue to live amidst great hardships while managing their daily expenses. However, while publishing its latest data, the Sri Lanka Central Bank has stated Sri…

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