Business Sentiment – Index plummets on COVID fears

Business sentiment nosedives as COVID-19 takes its toll on the state of the state While all eyes may have been on a presidential election in a land hundreds of thousands of miles away, closer to home, the situation appears to have become graver by the minute with a new set of coronavirus clusters taking a…

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The COVID-19 Crisis and Innovation: Why Intellectual Property Rights Matter

By Dilani Hirimuthugodage Way back in 1945, renowned author Kumarathunga Munidasa wrote in ‘Virith Vekiya’: “A nation that does not invent and produce new things will not thrive”. The visionary Munidasa clearly understood the importance of innovation for economic and social progress. Today, it is telling that Sri Lanka ranks at 101 in the World Intellectual…

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Generosity, Pleasant Speech, Meaningful Livelihoods and Equality down the BRI

The Beijing Swift – By Prof. Samitha Hettige © The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has more than 150 partners along the Silk Road. Some are rich and powerful some are not. A key feature of the BRI is win-win cooperation. It is the Chinese approach on partnerships. There are no competitors, all are winners….

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Highlights of Budget 2021 and impact on export Sector 

By Export Development Board Higher exports will strengthen 2021-2023 medium-term program of poverty alleviation and economic revival The Export Development Board (EDB) is pleased to see an export-focused budget, which will support strong export growth led by investment, value addition and maximizing Sri Lankan natural resources. This is a pivotal change in Sri Lanka’s growth…

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‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving’ – Albert Einstein

“The Beijing Swift” – By Prof. Samitha Hettige © Sri Lankans will remember “Flying Pigeon” and “Phoenix” bicycles imported from China and distributed by state and private sector institutions such as the Cycle Bazaar, Borella during the 1970s and 80s. Bicycle was the only source of transportation for millions of Chinese. Streets filled with Chinese…

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Is now a good time to invest in real estate?

– By Nayana Mawilmada, Sector Head, John Keells Properties   Real estate in central Colombo has been inaccessible to a majority of Sri Lankans for quite some time. But if there was ever a window of opportunity to consider investing, now might be it. With interest rates in Sri Lanka lower than they have been…

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Opportunities during the next five years

The Beijing Swift – By Prof. Samitha Hettige © The Communist Part of China (CPC) was planning the future pathway of the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) in the last few weeks during the plenary session of the CPC Central Committee proposing ambitious socioeconomic targets for their 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025). The PRC hopes to…

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“Men of genius are meteors, intended to burn to light their century.” – Napoleon

The Beijing Swift – By Prof. Samitha Hettige © The AL examination and the year 5 scholarship examination commenced while the quarantine curfew was on in some parts of the country. Students and parents obeyed the quarantine regulations and faced the examinations which are already few months behind schedule. One might say that since independence…

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Business Sentiment – Confidence takes an about turn

Business sentiment trends down amid a growing sense of uncertainty in corporate circles With the emergence of a new cluster of COVID-19 cases in early October, the Ministry of Health sought to gazette new regulations under the Quarantine and Prevention of Diseases Ordinance in a bid to stop the virus in its tracks. This involved…

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A key weakness for Sri Lanka is high proportion of short-term debt: Morgan Stanley

Influential global investment bank Morgan Stanley recently said a key weakness for Sri Lanka is the high proportion of short-term debt.  “The proportion of short-term debt (original maturity) has increased sharply in the domestic markets and, even on the external side, Sri Lanka now faces a eurobond redemption every year until 2030 with a couple of maturities due…

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