Riots in Kazakhstan, War in Ukraine, Bombs in Pakistan and where will it be next?

By Prof. Samitha Hettige Fidel Castor got too close to the Soviet Union (USSR) in the early 1960s and the Kennedy administration in the USA was worried. The USA was not at peace until it stopped the USSR installing missiles in Cuba. “Bay of Pigs” should be studied again by those concerned about the Ukraine…

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Keep calm and carry on: Five tips to better protect yourself during the current Russia-Ukraine Crisis

By Christopher Budd The current Russia-Ukraine crisis is unprecedented. One aspect of the current crisis is the very real concern around increased cyberattacks on an unprecedented scale. The concern is reasonable: there’s simply no way to know what’s going to happen next. And the concern stems not just from nation-state actors and their proxies: cybercriminals,…

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Supermarket food prices up 36% in a year

Advocata’s  Bath Curry Indicator (BCI) , which tracks the monthly changes in the retail price of a select basket of food items, recorded a decrease of 1.5% from January  2022 to February  2022. The overall decrease was driven by the falling prices of beans (40%),  green chillies (15%) and brinjals (13%). However, prices on average…

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Geographical Indications (GIs) for Sri Lankan Products: The Need to Expand Local Registration

By Dilani Hirimuthugodage and Piyumi Rasangi Sri Lanka obtained its first-ever Geographical Indication (GI) certification on 02 February 2022 for ‘Ceylon Cinnamon’ from the European Union due to untiring efforts during the last nine years. Ceylon Cinnamon is now in the register of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) and it was…

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January’s apparel exports set a 5-year record

Demonstrates resilience with monthly tally of US$ 488 million, eclipsing pre-pandemic figures Sri Lanka’s apparel exports in January 2022 achieved the highest level for that month in the last five years. This performance demonstrates the industry’s underlying strength as it bounced back from the sustained shocks from the impact of the pandemic over the last…

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“History is a Fair Judge”

The Silk Road Journal by Mahika Ming Invasions and energy issues are heard more in the news these days while some are trying to imagine a world without superpowers Russia and China. The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) was established in 1949. Great China is one of the oldest human civilizations and was invaded and…

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Only 10% approve the way current government is working – Survey reveals

Verité Research launches Gallup style “Mood of the Nation” poll in Sri Lanka Government approval rating is only 10% Gallup is the most reputed polling organisation in the world. It runs a regular “Mood of the Nation” poll in the United States. Verité Research has adapted that same poll and scoring methodology to follow the…

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How to save electricity, money and precious lives?

The Silk Road Journal by Mahika Ming Sri Lanka is entangled in an energy crisis due to many reasons as of now. While the forex inflow mechanisms are not yet fully operational after the COVID pandemic, forex reserves are largely used to purchase fossil fuel for transport and energy. Thus the public experience long queues…

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A resilient corporate sector shows no signs of wavering amid multiple crises

Business Sentiment – Confidence Continues to Hold The Central Bank of Sri Lanka’s most recent Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) reveals that the nation’s manufacturing sector recovered in January with the index gaining ground from 58.1 in December to 58.7 a month later. However, the ongoing shortage of foreign exchange continues to undermine this recovery, the…

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Economic Implications for Sri Lanka

By Asanka Wijesinghe The Russian invasion of Ukraine deepens the existing global economic woes – persistent supply chain bottlenecks and associated rising inflation – clouding the prospects of a smooth global economic recovery from the pandemic. The West, led by the US and the EU, swiftly imposed strict economic sanctions, targetting Russian banks, oligarchs, political…

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