Smuggled Cigarettes: A challenge to Govt.’s revenue and health objectives

RIU – Sri Lanka is one of the first middle-income countries to adopt a strong tobacco control policy. The country ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and made early progress with a ban on enclosed public place smoking, graphic health warnings, ban on sales to persons under 21 and a ban on sponsorship,…

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CB Responds to Misleading Newspaper Articles on Rupee Depreciation

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) wishes to make the following statement in relation to the article titled “Government and CB have abdicated vital statutory duty by not being able to deal with rupee depreciation” that appeared in various newspapers on 08th and 09th October 2018. The Central Bank is statutorily charged with the…

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Illicit Tobacco: Tackling the Threat to National Law and Order

RIU – Increasingly the illicit tobacco network is becoming a threat to national law and order as well as security. Benefitting from access to new markets with different legal and cultural conditions, organised crime has expanded its engagement in illicit trade significantly. In a recent report on the tobacco industry the Research Intelligence Unit (RIU) said…

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Business Sentiment – Index Falls To a Postwar Low

Negative global reports fuel discontent among members of the business community There’s hardly a shortage of bad news when it comes to Sri Lanka these days with the most recent bombshell coming from certain global economic entities, which have pointed to vulnerabilities in the country’s external debt servicing outlook and exchange rate volatility. Responding to…

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Soft skills matter – Jim Garrison, Founder & President, Ubiquity University

A recent study in the United States shows that 93% of employees consider soft skills as, if not more, important than hard skills. A Human Capital Survey by Deloitte indicates that the top mega trend in the US since 2016 is building highly empowered soft skill teams. In a world of escalating hyper-complexity and competition,…

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Perceived Economic Opportunity PEO: Second Quarter 2018

This brief report of the Perceived Economic Opportunity (PEO) presents the analysis of a random survey carried out using a random sample of 400 men and women covering all districts in Sri Lanka on their expectations of economic prospects in the ensuing twelve months.   STATUS OF JOB PROSPECTS OR BUSINESS PERFORMANCE Analysis of the…

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Smart cities can serve citizens better after significant rise in urbanization in Asia

With May’s major flooding in Ratnapura, a city in Sri Lanka, and its disastrous consequences still fresh in our minds, it reminds me of a similar occurrence, this time in the city of Buenos Aires . The cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, too, is not a stranger to floods as it is built on nine streams….

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BIZ Confidence Trending Down

Corporates are visibly perturbed by the uncertainty clouding the macro landscape Sri Lanka’s long history of protests was upheld when railway unions decided to strike in mid-August, much to the displeasure of commuters. According to reports attributed to Sri Lanka Railways’ Additional General Manager (Operations), the Railways Department incurred a loss in excess of Rs….

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Pulling back the curtain on the privatization of Sri Lanka’s plantation sector

~ Dr. Romesh Bandaranaike shares his unique perspective of Sri Lanka’s plantations With the fate of Sri Lanka’s plantation industry continuing to remain as a hot-button issue of debate in the media, numerous views have been aired on the rationale behind the privatization of state plantations in 1992. In order to clarify the facts regarding…

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Moody’s: Sri Lanka’s credit profile balances progress on reforms against vulnerability to tightening financial conditions

Moody’s Investors Service says that the credit profile of the Government of Sri Lanka (B1 negative) is supported by the authorities’ progress in implementing reforms, which entail fiscal consolidation and a build-up of foreign exchange reserves. Sri Lanka also benefits from moderate per capita income levels and stronger institutions than those of many similarly rated…

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