Paving the way for BIGDATA Analytics in Sri Lanka

By Zahir Fuard: Sri Lanka is a land which is well acquainted with the concept of precognition, and a persistent desire to predict the future. Even the most rational among us cannot help but be tempted by the idea. If you knew what was coming tomorrow, would you act differently? What would you do? How…

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In India, diesel cars killing air: Study

NEW DELHI: An international study, testing on-road emissions of passenger cars in India, says a diesel SUV may be emitting 25 to 65 times more oxides of nitrogen (NOx) than a small petrol car. On-road emissions of diesel cars may also be far higher than their emissions under lab certification conditions, it adds. The study,…

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Rise Of Job Expectation And Ability To Save Despite The Decrease Of Expectation Of Reduction Of Corruption

Perceived Economic Opportunity PEO: May, 2017   This brief report of the Perceived Economic Opportunity (PEO) presents the analysis of a random survey carried out using a sample of 400 men and women in May 2017 covering all districts in Sri Lanka on their expectations of economic prospects in the ensuing twelve months.   Status…

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Veteran stories from 150 years of Pure Ceylon Tea: Jayantissa Ratwatte

Having travelled the plantations extensively with some of his kinsmen who were already in the tea industry as a school boy during the 1950s, Jayantissa Ratwatte was a frequent visitor to the island’s hill country tea plantations and so the transition from books to tea was quite an organic one. Continuing a tradition that started…

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Blind Men and the ‘Glyphosate Elephant’

Dr. Parakrama Waidyanatha, BSc, MSc (Cey.), PhD (London), DIC: The recent sentimental assertions of representatives of three NGOs, Peoples Planning National forum, Movement of Land and Agriculture Reforms and the Peoples Movement of Plantation Lands Right in relation to the issue of glyphosate is reminiscent of the proverb of the blind man and the elephant,…

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NDB records highest ever Profit After Tax of LKR 2.3 billion for the first half of 2017

· PBT records 70% YOY growth to reach LKR 3.8 bn · Sound Balance Sheet expansion with 11% growth in advances and 17% growth in deposits in 6 months · NPLS further improves to 2.2% · Bolsters the results achieved in Q1 2017 with a sustainable growth momentum National Development Bank PLC (NDB) concluded the…

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Building the case for aggressive investment in Sri Lanka’s increasingly iconic real-estate sector

By Rohan Parikh – Managing Director, Iconic Developments (Pvt.) Ltd: Having gathered extensive expertise designing and executing internationally renowned real-estate projects across Asia and the Middle-East, we have learned through experience that the truth on the ground can often get distorted when viewed through the kaleidoscopic lenses of political, economic and social commentary that often…

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Application Support: Embracing Taboo

By Misnad Haque: Utter the words, “Application Support” and you will be met with a variety of reactions. To some, it merely translates into extended work hours. Another popular reaction is that of condescension, where the word “support” implies “assistance”, hence an Application Support Engineer would qualify as an Assistant to the more proficient “Developer”….

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Perceived Economic Opportunity PEO: April, 2017

Expectation On Ability To Save And Business Performance Increses Despite The Downward Trend Of Expectation For Reduction Of Corruption Status Of Job Prospects Or Business Performance Analysis of the perceived economic opportunities in the month of April 2017 indicates that the expectations in terms of job prospects of people or developing the status of their…

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Becoming a Smarter Manufacturer: How IoT Revolutionizes the Factory

By – Ashish Pujari General Manager and Vice President, IoT & Digital Supply Chain, SAP Asia Pacific & Japan   I recently asked a 16 year-old what the Internet of Things (IoT) meant to him, and he said “IoT means being able to text your toaster!” While IoT may seem relegated to the realm of…

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