Sri Lanka’s Fitch Credit Rating has been downgraded 7 times during last 7-years

Sri Lanka’s credit rating has been downgraded 7 times over the course of 7 years  (May 2015 – May 2022). 5 of those downgrades occurred since April 2020. In contrast, its regional peers have maintained their credit ratings.    The recent downgrade to RD (Restricted Default) on the 19th of May 2022 was immediately after…

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Resilient citizens ate “Good hearted curd” in the “Petroli Foleni” at Nugegoda By Prof. Samitha Hettige

The lower levels of the Sri Lankan social pyramid are prone towards conflicts but are resilient as per many researches done over the decades. Since 1948 they energized conflicts triggered by a few with political (and hidden financial) agendas and underwent countless hardships due their own shortsighted acts and personality worshiping. The present financial crisis…

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Private Tutoring Amidst Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis: Issues Faced by Students

By Usha Perera Sri Lanka’s education sector, still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, now faces acute challenges due to the current political and economic crises. The sudden imposition of curfews and the lack of transportation have resulted in school closures and students being deprived of structured and systematic in-school education. In Sri…

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Updating the Pure Ceylon Tea brand to the tastes of modern consumers

By Bhathiya Bulumulla With the recent celebration of International Tea Day, producers, brands and marketers across the globe are joining together to promote sustainable production while raising awareness as to the benefits and impact of this miraculous beverage. However, the contemporary story of tea, cannot be told without speaking of the story of Pure Ceylon…

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Sri Lanka Is a Small Preview of a Global Default Crisis

Analysis by Ruth Pollard | Bloomberg High school teacher S. Jeeva has spent two days in the baking sun lining up for cooking gas in the north of Sri Lanka’s capital. He’s been standing with thousands of others waiting for a delivery that, so far, hasn’t come. Meanwhile, many of his students, who will sit…

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2022 Q1: Optimism falls to almost nothing amidst political-economic political crisis

The Foundation of Economic Freedom in Sri Lanka (FEFSL) presents here a summary of perceptions of the people of Sri Lanka about their own and the nations’ future as at the first quarter of 2022. This monthly nation-wide tracking study, reported quarterly, is based on a unique measurement developed by FEFSL. Started in July 2011…

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MAYDAY call for economy

Corporates continue to view the economy in an extremely pessimistic light “With the youth spearheading the nationwide demonstration and expressing their concerns, the voice of the people has started to rise and be heard,” notes NielsenlQ’s Director – Consumer Insights Therica Miyana – deniya. She continues: ” April has been a pivotal month; a turning…

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Sri Lanka’s Disraeli may use the China – India bond for Nation building – By Prof. Samitha Hettige

The late H.D. Sugathapala, Ex Principal of Royal Junior School, Colombo 07 (founder of the “Navarangahala” theatre) at an informal discussion (in mid 1990s) with the late Justice Chris Weeramanthri and few others mentioned the name of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli while analyzing his former students who were in politics (Lalith A, Ranil W, Dinesh…

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Is the Pandemic the Sole Cause for the Depletion in Sri Lanka’s Foreign Reserves?

Sri Lanka’s usable foreign reserves fell from USD 7,642 MN in 2019 to USD 1,579 MN by the end of 2021. When compared with Sri Lanka’s regional peers during the pandemic, the decline in its reserves appears to only have happened to Sri Lanka, while its other Asian countries have seen an increase in their reserve…

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Lesson for SL youth; Selecting a new Prime Minister – By Prof. Samitha Hettige

In 1919, the May 4th Movement spurred the spread of Marxism throughout China. Hence, in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), 4th May is dedicated as Youth Day. When academics and intellectuals formed the Communist Party of China (CPC) on 23rd July 1921 they placed youth of the time on centre stage and took back…

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