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(Lee Kwan Yew Example 02) The difference between Singapore and Sri Lanka Public services – Video Interview

We carry a series of exclusive interviews with Sam Samarasinghe, a Consultant Engineer who was also a consultant to the Lee Kwan Yew government of Singapore. This is the second interview in the series and is mainly on matters that enabled Singapore, a onetime fishing hamlet to become a developed island city nation. This segment…

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Chemcel (Pvt) Ltd to cease operations, Chemanex PLC to realize investment value

Archer Daniels Midland Europe BV the main shareholder in Chemcel (Pvt) Ltd says that Chemcel (Pvt) Ltd is to cease its operations based on a number of considerations. Archer Daniels Midland Europe currently holds 23.15 per cent equity of Chemcel (Pvt) Ltd and it is reflected in its books that the investment value of Rs….

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Nawaloka Hospitals PLC to provide elder care services through joint venture

New Nawaloka Medical Center (Pvt) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of  Nawaloka Hospitals PLC signed a memorandum of understanding on 30 May 2015 with Harmony and Fusion International (Pvt) Ltd for a joint venture company under the name Nawaloka Guardian International (Pvt) Ltd to carry out an elder care services. Nawaloka Hospitals will take up…

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Ceylinco Insurance incorporates two subsidiaries

Ceylinco Insurance PLC incorporated its two fully owned subsidiaries Ceylinco Life Insurance Limited and Ceylinco General Insurance Limited in order to carry out its long term and general insurance businesses while complying with the segregation of the two classes of insurance businesses under the Regulation of the Insurance Industry (Amendment) Act. Accordingly, the Insurance Board…

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Citrus Waskaduwa proudly hosts Ms. Earth 2014

The crowning beauty for Ms. Earth 2014, Jamie Harrell resides at Citrus Waskaduwa during her stay in Sri Lanka. Ms. Earth 2014, has been invited to be a judge at the Derana Miss Sri Lanka Contest 2015. About Jamie Harrell – Ms. Earth 2014 By winning the Miss Philippines Earth 2014 title, Jamie became the Philippines’ delegate…

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Stocks broadly lower for third straight day

Stocks were broadly lower Wednesday for a third straight day, as profit taking continued in index heavyweights. Benchmark All Share Price index lost 45.73 points or -0.64% to end at 7,149.46 whilst S&P SL 20 index lost 14.70 points (-0.37%) to end at 3,971.47. The losses were mainly driven by price declines in high cap…

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Exclusive: Business plan for Mattala Airport

The government is preparing an exclusive business plan for the Mattala International Airport built by the previous government and dubbed a ‘white elephant’ by the present government. The government has appointed a Cabinet sub-committee for the preparation of this marketing plan and it is reportedly to meet for the first time at 3.30 pm tomorrow…

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Nissan Leaf to get 105-mile battery for 2016?

Nissan is allegedly preparing to upgrade the current Leaf’s battery before the next-generation model arrives on the market. Higher trim levels are expected to receive a 30-kWh battery pack for the 2016 model year, while the entry-level ‘S’ package will retain the current 24-kWh module, two unnamed dealers told InsideEVs. The report suggests the 25-percent…

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EU ban sends Sri Lanka’s sea food exports reeling

Sri Lanka has lost 36.5 per cent of its sea foods export revenue since last January due to the European Union ban of fishery product exports from the island, state the latest data released by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. This downward trend is when compared to March last year and the main reason…

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Public Utilities Commission to meet ‘Large Scale Electrical Consumers’ at the Ceylon Chamber

The Consumer Consultative Committee of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce is organizing a discussion to obtain feedback from large scale industrial consumers regarding electrical power generation and distribution issues in the country. The upcoming discussion, which is to be held on the 11th of June,…

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