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Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions launches Asia’s first touchless ATM technology

In a first for Asia, Hitachi Digital Payment Solutions (HDPS) has successfully developed a touchless ATM solution which is currently live at Sri Lanka’s Sampath Bank. Customers can now withdraw cash from an ATM using their personal mobile phone without touching the buttons or surface of the ATM screen. The technology minimizes the need to physically…

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Tourism reenergized with SriLankan Airlines starting direct flights between Colombo and Kathmandu

Tourism industries in Sri Lanka and Nepal have welcomed the recently started direct flights operated by SriLankan Airlines connecting Colombo and Kathmandu, thus removing a long felt impediment to promote tourism between the two countries. In this backdrop, Sri Lanka Embassy in Nepal joined hands with Nepal Tourist Board (NTB) and Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion…

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Sri Lanka’s International Sovereign Bonds maturing in 2022 quoted at discounted prices, but volumes not available for purchase

As per the “6-month Road Map for Ensuring Macroeconomic and Financial System Stability” presented by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on 01.10.2021, the International Sovereign Bond (ISB) exposure is to be gradually reduced to around 10 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the next 3 years. In line with this objective, having…

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T20 World Cup: ICC announces prize money, winners to take home 1.6 million dollars

The ICC said that the winners of the T20 World Cup will take home a cheque of 1.6 million dollars while the runners-up will get half that amount. IndiaToday – The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Sunday announced that the winner of the men’s T20 World Cup 2021 will take home prize money of 1.6…

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George alerts Sri Lanka Tourism – An Investigation for Alleged Negligence by Transportation Agent

On 1st October Sri Lanka Tourism announced a relaxed, bubble free experience for international visitors who had completed COVID vaccination protocols and arriving in the destination with a negative PCR test taken prior to leaving the home country. In response, a  traveller from the United States speaks of having come to Katunayake on 7th October…

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Expert Committee Appointed on Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Mining

Keeping in line with the National Policy Framework – Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour – which highlights the importance and values of a technology-based society, Cabinet approved the proposal made by the Minister of Project Coordinating and Monitoring Namal Rajapaksa to appoint a committee to report to the Cabinet on the Acts, Rules and Regulations…

(0)Comments | October 8, 2021 8:31 pm

Implementing a Mobile Application “SL- Remit” to facilitate Foreign Remittances

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) had appointed a Working Committee to study and suggest new remittance channels for Sri Lanka and to make recommendations on reducing the cost of remitting money, having identified the need to introduce new and low cost remittance channels with the objective of increasing the inflows of foreign remittances…

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Bridging the digital divide empowers girls. If we get it right

When Vithika Yadav returned to India in 2008 after living in the United States, she saw that many young people – especially girls – didn’t have a space to openly talk about the difficult issues they faced. Gender-based violence, child marriage and other harmful social practices remain commonplace – and are hardly ever discussed. So…

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Unpacking the Power of Service with Ex-Pack

Ex-Pack Corrugated Cartons Limited is Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer of corrugated cartons. With a pending IPO in the works and a major expansion plan in place, the Ex-Pack team is taking the opportunity of International Customer Service Week to express their gratitude to customers. Ex-Pack is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aberdeen Holdings, previously known as…

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Sri Lanka Projected to Grow by 3.3 Percent Amidst Uncertainties

Shifting gears to services-led growth can help build back better Sri Lanka’s economy is projected to grow by 3.3 percent in 2021, but the medium-term outlook is clouded by pre-existing macroeconomic weaknesses and the economic scarring from the COVID-19 pandemic. A gradual recovery will likely lead to corresponding improvements in labor market conditions. Most countries…

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