LAUGFS Gas Nurtures Future Talents with ‘Little Gas Stars’ Children’s Day Event

October, 6, 2023

LAUGFS Gas PLC, a leading energy solutions provider, hosted a heartwarming children's day event “Little Gas Stars” at its state-of-the-art Mabima filling plant. The event brought together LAUGFS Gas employees and their children, providing a unique opportunity for them to experience the intricacies of the LPG downstream operation.

The event, aptly named ‘Little Gas Stars,’ was designed with several key objectives in mind, with the event aimed at fostering stronger family bonds by offering LAUGFS Gas employees a special day to share their work environment with their children, creating cherished memories and strengthening family ties.

Attendees were treated to an exclusive tour of the world-class LPG filling facility, offering a firsthand look at the cutting-edge technology and processes that drive LAUGFS Gas' commitment to excellence. This insight into the company's operations was intended to provide a deeper understanding of the vital role they play in the energy sector.

Throughout the day, parents and children actively participated in various engaging activities, further enhancing the bonding experience. The atmosphere was one of shared learning and joy as families explored the facility together.

Speaking with Cluster CEO, LAUGFS Gas PLC – Dr. Niroshan J. Pieries, stated; “As a Sri Lankan business, LAUGFS Gas places great emphasis on building strong relationships with its employees and stakeholders, steadfastly dedicated to enhancing their quality of life. The ‘Little Gas Stars’ event stands as a testament to LAUGFS Gas' dedication to its employees and their families, reinforcing the company's commitment to excellence, safety, and community engagement.”

Safety was a paramount concern for LAUGFS Gas, and all participants were provided with comprehensive personal protective equipment and received detailed safety instructions. This ensured a secure and enriching experience for all involved, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the day's festivities.

LAUGFS Gas PLC’s senior management were on hand throughout the event, underscoring the company's dedication to this unique initiative. An art competition, divided into three age categories, was held, with outstanding performers in each category receiving a valuable gift pack filled with stationery and school supplies. Every participant was presented with a gift pack, providing a tangible token of the day's festivities.

The success of the event was bolstered by LAUGFS Gas' unwavering commitment to the highest safety standards. This confidence in safety allowed employees to share this special day with their loved ones, creating a nurturing environment for all.