Aqua Fresh showcases unique message for World Water Day 2019

April, 11, 2019

Bringing a touch of magic to encourage people to heed the world’s water crisis, Aqua Fresh showcased a unique concept in commemoration of World Water Day 2019. The activation was ideated and created to highlight the importance of water and the need to preserve water for the future of this planet

Titled “Water can change any story”, the activation demonstrated three scenarios; a dying tree, a woman going in search of water, and elephants going in search of water. The chronological order of each shows how the lack of water can slowly lead to death and destruction of humankind and the animal kingdom. The ‘magic’ was when the glass of water was slowly moved backwards across these visuals to show how water can prevent death and devastation and return to life and preservation.

The activation was showcased at the Galadari Hotel, Access Towers 1&2 and Ninewells hospital, and was favorably viewed by curious onlookers. Powerful copy was used to drive the message of the importance of saving water; “Have you ever imagined a world without trees?”, “One in every 10 persons does not have access to clean water” and “Animals need fresh water for their bodies to function?”.

As a leading supplier of pure and fresh water to consumers, it was a positive initiative taken by Aqua Fresh to do something socially engaging and appropriate to highlight the problems facing the future of this planet. Water is becoming scarce in many parts of the world and it is important to share the message of saving water.

The videos can be viewed online at