Aqua, Honda Fit, Honda Fit Shuttle, Vezel car prices up; Nissan Leaf price down through budget

February, 3, 2015

The price of a Toyota Aqua motorcar would go up by around Rs. 670,000 and a GP01 Honda Fit by around Rs. 625,000 due to the tax imposed on hybrid vehicles through the new government’s interim budget, says the Sri Lanka Motor vehicle Importers’ Association president.

Sri Lanka Motor vehicle Importers’ Association president Indika Sampath Merinchige told the price of a Honda Fit Shuttle would increase by about Rs. 625,000.

In addition, the price of a brand new Honda GP05 would go up by around Rs. 645,000, a Honda Vezel by around 930,000, a Prius by about Rs. 975,000, an Axio car by around Rs. 800,000 and an Outlander vehicle by around Rs. 1,300,000,said Merinchige.

With the duty reduction on electric vehicles, the price of a Nissan Leaf car may fall by around Rs. 570,000 and the reduction of the 15 per cent import duty on motorcars below 1,000 cc engine capacity would reduce the prices of such vehicles by around Rs. 50,000 to 100,000, he added further.