Award-Winning Brand KEVIN.MURPHY Launches COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, the Company’s First Hair Colour Line

February, 8, 2018

KEVIN.MURPHY announces revolutionary new COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, the brand’s first hair colour range for salons, stylists, and their clients. COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY is born from stylist and founder Kevin Murphy’s vision to fuse styling with fashion and hair colour. A compact colour line, COLOR.ME delivers high-performance, natural-looking results with optimum colour functionality. In keeping with the brand’s heritage, COLOR.ME also features gentle, natural ingredients to moisturise and rejuvenate hair while imparting shine.


COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY launches with 80 honey-based, versatile, multi-tonal

shades. Colourists have the ability to mix shades and create custom colours that are semi, demi or permanent based on client needs. Colours in the compact line offer natural looking results, full grey coverage, and up to four levels of lightening.


“I am thrilled to launch COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY,” states Kevin. “The compact, flexible line offers unbelievable results with natural looking colour, multi-tonal effects and a glossy finish.”


“As with everything produced by KEVIN.MURPHY, performance and ingredients are of the utmost importance,” explains Kevin. “When developing COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, we looked at the colouring process as a treatment for the hair. The colours in our line are PPD-free, ammonia-free and full of naturally-derived ingredients including Shea Butter, honey and pomegranate.”


The carefully formulated colours feature a three-step technology:

  • Molecular Couple Guarantee means that all colouring molecules form secure bonds, lessening skin irritations and/or allergic reactions
  • Oxidation Delay Function helps delay the oxidation process when the CREAM.ACTIVATOR is added to the ME by KEVIN.MURPHY shade, allowing an even and precise application and colour coverage
  • Special Micro Pigments means that extremely small colour pigments are deposited onto the hair, which penetrate deep into the hair shaft for shinier, healthier looking hair



COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY features five variations of CREAM.ACTIVATOR,

two variations of a POWDER.LIGHTENER, clay based FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER

and a CREAM.LIGHTENER for an alternative to the powder formula.


COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY will be available in selected salons from end of February. Further, Hair Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd., will be the sole distributor for COLOR.ME and KEVIN.MURPHY products. For more information about COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, visit Follow COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY @ColorMebyKM on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Image : With over 10 years of expertise in educating and training in hair industry, Director of multi-award winning Salon and Training Academy, Ms. Janine Simons sharing her experience on COLOR.ME and KEVIN.MURPHY products with the audience.