manusath-derana presents W2K – A virtual walkathon to support a healthier Sri Lanka

March, 6, 2018

  • To transform physical activity into an entertaining and incentivizing activity for all age groups in Sri Lanka
  • To eradicate occurrence of non-communicable diseases by increasing physical activity

In line with the overall goal for a healthier and happier Sri Lanka, ‘’, Sri Lanka’s most extensive health and wellness platform, will host the year’s biggest exercise movement in the form of a month-long virtual walkathon commencing on the 1st of March 2018.

‘' introduces a revolutionary reward based virtual walkathon to the Sri Lankan public with W2K. W2K will see a participant’s everyday walking directly converted to virtual steps on the mobile app, virtually transporting them from Capital City Colombo to the Historic City of Kandy. A journey of 115 kilometers and roughly 170 Thousand steps.

Participants can see their progress along the predefined virtual route as they walk throughout the day. The mobile app will log a participant’s steps and translate it into real-time progress on the challenge. Participants are encouraged to keep tabs on their progress as collectible treasures will appear along the route to Kandy. These treasures could be enticing offers or raffle entries to weekly draws for even more valuable prizes. The only way to find out is to grab as many as possible.

Participants who complete the challenge by walking the 170 thousand steps within 25 days of commencing the challenge (and before the 31st of March) will be entered into a raffle draw to win ONE MILLION RUPEES in cash. The raffle selection method was chosen over a simple race to discourage potentially dangerous behavior and to support the formation of a habitual daily workout. This will encourage participants to compete at their own fitness levels and be inspired to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“Health is a fundamental consideration for every progressive country, and in line with Sri Lanka’s national action plan for the control of non-communicable diseases it is essential to encourage and sustain a healthy lifestyle amongst residents of Sri Lanka. Obesity, diabetes and related cardiovascular diseases are serious concerns in our Country and only an active lifestyle can help reduce risks and develop a healthier, happier nation”, commented Dr Chamila Ariyananda, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Ayubo.Life.

“Almost 79% of total deaths in Sri Lanka are due to non-communicable diseases, with the incidence of NCD’s highest in Sri Lanka as compared to other Asian Countries. On the other hand, usage of smart phones in our Country is a staggering 26%. W2K aims to initiate exercise among people and has all the elements to encourage and make the activity fun. I am confident that W2K is a true representation of a larger, national goal of controlling the increase of non-communicable diseases”, she added.

“According to statistics, 76% of the Sri Lanka’s population are active mobile internet users. This indicates a positive opportunity to encourage residents to stay fit through digital engagement. W2K is an exciting, easy to navigate application, which makes it a great fitness partner. is proud to host this event and support the rise of a healthier nation through this initiative. strives to make access to health and wellness simple, convenient and economical to all Sri Lankans”, said, Chandima Cooray, Chief Digital Officer of Hemas Holdings PLC, parent company to

The mobile app and W2K is available on both iOS and Android smartphones. Users are taken through a journey of education on AYATI, a charitable trust incorporated between the University of Kelaniya, Hemas Holdings and MAS Holdings, to help children living with disabilities in Sri Lanka. AYATI will be a purpose built 42,000 sq.ft. facility dedicated to support children with disability.

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Photo caption: Dr. Chamila Ariyananda, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Ayubo.Life (left) and Chandima Cooray, Chief Digital Officer of Hemas Holdings PLC