Bairaha pioneers to initiate animal welfare concept

January, 25, 2020

Bairaha Farms PLC., being the pioneering company in the poultry industry, was the first to introduce, large scale and modern farming concept for poultry production more than 40 years ago, as well as the first to setup a modern chicken processing factory for producing quality chicken to the market.

In the pioneering spirit of the company, the management together with the staff have introduced a unique concept of giving deformed/ disabled chicks, an opportunity to live. In order to do this the company staff attached to the hatchery has fabricated locally, incubators to give special care to such deformed / disabled chicks so that they have an opportunity to recover after the first 3 days of special care and subsequently to be integrated with other chicks at the time of rearing.

For the inaugural event of this animal welfare concept, the Managing Director while congratulating the staff and the management for introducing such a concept, said that the values of the company have been preserved and put into practice even though such practices will not be lucrative when we consideredpurely as a business proposition. He further said that he was extremely happy and delighted that the staff at junior level contributing to nurture and preserve the core values of the company. This project implemented by the staff demonstrates their commitment to preserve and safeguard the core values of the company while demonstrating their skills and initiatives.

The Managing Director further said that there were many opportunities to make profit, whereby the values would be compromised, and he stated that the company has not taken up or implemented such projects which would have compromised the values of the company for short term gain.

At the function, the directors and senior managers also participated in a tree (Kohomba trees) planting ceremony.

Photo caption: Locally fabricated incubators (left) and engaged in a tree planting programme