Better sleep by design: World renowned Englander mattresses now in Sri Lanka

April, 28, 2017

‘Englander’, the world renowned mattress brand based in Chicago USA, made their debut at their new flagship store at the Arcade Independence Square in Colombo on the 26th April, 2017. As one of the top international brands with over a 100 years heritage the Englander has remained as one of the most innovative mattress producers in the world.

In a reality where most consumers find hotel beds and mattresses comfortable and think that they are good for back support, Englander has understood the yearning of consumers to have a hotel grade mattress in their homes. “With a heritage of almost 85 years, we have been providing innovative solutions to the ever changing needs of multiple generations of consumers, and now we are proud to introduce one of world’s finest brands in sleep technology, to Sri Lanka” said Dr. Sena Yaddehige, Chairman / Managing Director / CEO of Richard Pieris and Company PLC.

The Englander mattresses are featured in an array of fine hotels around the world, namely The Hilton, Marriott Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Etc. The Englander products are known for their cooling and comfortable features which provides a relaxing sleep supported by the natural rubber/ premium PU foams that gives the right amount of firmness and coolness.

The Englander range of products are especially designed with innovative features that ensures a stress free sleeping experience every time.  Durable tempered steel pocket spring units; minimizing friction while maximizing wear strength, creating a high strength bond. Shape conforming comfort; the bonded coils contour and adjust to the body's individual shape and weight relieving pressure points, for exceptional support and comfort.

No motion transfer; decreasing transfer of motion ensuring a more restful sleep for every sleeper on the bed. Eco friendly comfort layers; a variety of Eco friendly foams and fibers, including natural latex padding. High quality fabric covering material; Forms a unique moisture managing system, improving the breathability and providing a cool and airy sleeping surface.

For over a century, Englander has been trademarked for the support, durability and the deep restful sleep that every customer enjoys through their products. “At Englander, we've spent decades mastering the art and science of sleep, and we design that experience into every mattress we make. Though over the years the technology behind the Englander has evolved, the vision has always remained the same. We are proud to have Richard Pieris and company as our partner in Sri Lanka.” said Mr. Kevin Toman, President and CEO of Englander Sleep Products.

The event showcased a variety of products under the Englander brand such as; Lifestyle, Doctors Choice, Viscopedic, Posture Support, Latex Collection, Lady Englander, Executive Bed and the Diamond Collections. The Englander combines old world craftsmanship with state-of-the art design to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort. When America’s largest nationwide chain of sleep medicine facilities; the sleep health centers needed the best mattress they could get, they chose Englander which delivered their original promise through every mattress; Better sleep, by design.

The management expressed that the Englander products are now available to everyone as well as focusing, on setting new benchmarks in the hospitality industry. The exclusive range is now available in Sri Lanka from Rs. 50,000/= upwards and now showcased at the Arcade Independence Square Showroom. The showrooms are to expand into a few other exclusive locations of Arpico Supercenters from June onwards. Further information can be reached at


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