Bodyline Communique – Extensive PCR Testing at all Bodyline Facilities and Caring for Our Team Members and Families

November, 6, 2020

Official statement from MAS Holdings

The wellbeing of our employees is the number one priority at Bodyline and despite having stringent health and safety protocols, we have unfortunately experienced positive COVID cases in 2 of our 3 facilities- Horana (68 cases), Agalawatte (01 case)

In each of these instances, we have acted immediately to close the facilities, carry out aggressive contact tracing and effectively conduct PCR tests in collaboration with the Government Health Authorities

The timelines are as follows;

Bodyline Horana

• During random PCR testing the first case was identified at midnight on Friday 30th of October and the Management closed the plant on Saturday 31st of October.
• The MOH conducted 145 PCR tests on close contacts on Saturday 31st of October and results received on Sunday 1st of November indicated 34 more positive cases.
• The MOH conducted 250 more PCR tests on the next level of contacts and the results received on Wednesday 4th of November indicated 23 more positive cases.
• Another 4 Team Members have tested positive by way of independent testing.
• On Tuesday 3rd of November, an additional 109 PCR tests were carried out by the MOH, of which 6 have tested positive, and 643 tests through an approved private hospital. The results of these 643 tests are pending.
• On Wednesday 4th of November, an additional 103 PCR tests were carried out by the MOH and 534 tests through an approved private hospital. The results of these tests are pending.

Bodyline Agalawatte

• 200 random PCR tests carried out at the facility and the results received on Wednesday 4th of November indicated 3 positive cases; one Bodyline employee and 2 employees from a 3rd party service provider.
• Upon confirmation of the positive case, the Bodyline management immediately closed the facility on Wednesday 4th of November in consultation with the Medical Authorities.

We will re-commence operations in both facilities only once the plants are fully sanitized and receive clearance from Health Authorities.

Including random tests carried out since the onset of the Minuwangoda outbreak, in collaboration with the MOH, we have carried out 2,820 PCR tests and apart from the 69 positive cases indicated above, 969 have been negative and 1760 are pending results. 12 tests have returned neutral results.

All affected employees will be paid their full salaries without any deductions for the days they are absent from work. We have also made arrangements to support their families by providing packs of dry rations and other essential amenities.

In order to provide dedicated care for our affected employees we have obtained approvals to set up two Care Centers. These Centers will be fully funded by Bodyline and managed and operated by Government Health Authorities. The Centers will be equipped with necessary medical and accommodation facilities and will primarily take care of asymptomatic positive cases that do not require significant medical intervention.

We would like to re-affirm that all the necessary approvals, protocols stipulated by Health Authorities and all Government regulations are being adhered to in setting up and operating these two Care Centers.

We remain closely engaged with the Health Authorities in taking further action to prevent the spread of the virus and seek the support of all concerned to respect the privacy of those affected employees and will provide another update in due course.