British Quantity Surveying Degree Programme from SLIIT: Unveiling Exciting Pathways for Future Construction Surge

March, 17, 2023

The Liverpool John Moores University’s BSc (Honours) Quantity Surveying programme from SLIIT provides students with exciting pathways to benefit from the anticipated future surge in construction, an opportunity to learn a broad set of skills, and the ability to take on new challenges at the forefront of the built environment.

The three-year, full-time LJMU BSc (Honours) Quantity Surveying programme is a fully-fledged UK qualification. Moreover, the programme is tailored to meet the current requirements of the construction industry, and graduates receive a professional qualification, including 12 weeks of industrial training.

The pathway toward the Honours degree is through six (06) academic semesters, and students receive industrial training after the completion of the third year. They are also able to obtain the SLIIT Diploma in Quantity Surveying upon completion of two years. In the final year, students are eligible to transfer to LJMU to complete the Degree I the UK.

Ch.QS Tilanka Wijesinghe, Head of the Department of Quantity Surveying stated, “We are aiming at producing experts as this is a professional degree programme. We are vigilant to industrial requirements and prompt in accommodating new knowledge and skills to the curriculum. Our graduates specialise in digital quantity surveying, enabling them to integrate effectively in the digital environment and cross-boundary project teams in a global context. Their wider spectrum of knowledge allows them the flexibility and adaptability to shape themselves in dynamic situations. The above attributes give them the competitive advantage in the local and global job market.”

Quantity Surveyors are recognised as essential stakeholders of the construction and design teams in both the public and private sectors. Quantity surveying professionals are currently utilising digital technologies to ensure greater precision and accuracy. Compared to available programmes, SLIIT offers an excellent academic experience with a strong academic staff consisting of visiting lecturers from leading state Universities and high-calibre professionals from the industry, in addition to a strong in-house academic team consisting of several Chartered Quantity Surveyors. Thus, students are presented with the opportunity to gain in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge enabling the ability to develop their expertise and intuition.

Moreover, with the anticipated surge in construction and the industry expected to play a major role in global economic recovery, thus the demand for Quantity Surveyors is expected to grow.

Based on a recent report published by Oxford Economist titled ‘Future of construction’ global construction is set to reach US$15.2 trillion in 2030. With the expansion of the industry in regions such as Asia Pacific, Western Europe, India, and China, vast opportunities for those in the construction field are predicated. In Sri Lanka too, with an economic recovery forecast, high demand for employment in the construction sector is expected.

Graduating students who have obtained the LJMU BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying Degree are industry-ready and eligible for clear pathways to exciting prospects with rewarding careers.

The degree is offered by SLIIT as approved by the University Grants Commission and Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka.  Additionally, LJMU and SLIIT have membership in the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the International Association of Universities (IAU), where the programme is accepted.

Admissions for the programme are now open. For more information, call us on +94 11 754 4801 or email