CBSL to issue new Rs. 2000 currency note

January, 7, 2020

The Central Bank has decided to issue a commemorative coin of Rs. 20 and a new currency note of Rs. 2,000 under the existing 11th note series in 2020 to mark its 70th anniversary.

Security features will also be further upgraded in the existing 11th currency notes series.

To provide the required coins and notes for transactions, particularly in remote areas, a mechanism 31 for coin management is being developed with the assistance of Regional Offices (ROs).

To restore and preserve old coins and currency notes, CBSL intends to establish a laboratory unit at the Economic History Museum (EHM), while improving the content and the condition of the mobile currency museum, enabling the dissemination of a wider range of information to a larger audience.

Image: Initial Rs.2000 currency note