CEAT launches four more high-performance tyres for motorcycles

August, 24, 2016

CEAT Kelani Holdings Pvt ltd has announced it has further expanded its portfolio of tyres for motorcycles with the addition of four new sizes, one of which is designed for two models in the ‘superbike’ category.

Engineered for high performance even in treacherous conditions, these tyres have special features that make them ideal for local road surfaces, the company said.

Of the four new sizes, the 140/70/-17 Zoom XL (Tubeless) tyre fits the Yamaha FZ and Honda CBR 250 motorbikes, while the 120/80-17 Secura Pulse (Tubeless) is designed for the Bajaj Pulsar. The other two new sizes are designed for scooters, with the 90/90-10 Zoom D (Tubeless) fitting the TVS Streak and Yamaha Jog 50, and the 90/100-10 Zoom D (Tubeless) fitting the Hero Pleasure and Yamaha Ray series.

These tyres have unique new tread patterns to ensure free tyre rolling, and deep shoulder grooves for excellent water removal or pumping even while cornering, the company said. Built to provide good grip on wet or dry surfaces, they promise exceptional handling and stability at high speeds and outstanding traction when braking. A new projected shoulder design gives the tyres a bold masculine look.

The new tyres are manufactured at the state-of-the-art new motorcycle tyre plant commissioned by CEAT last year at the company’s Kelaniya complex. With their arrival in the market, the brand’s motorcycle tyre portfolio grows to 32 sizes that fit 68 models of motorbikes on local roads.

CEAT’s new motorcycle tyre plant was launched with an initial capacity of 162,000 tyres a year in 23 sizes, and now manufactures 360,000 tyres a year in 32 sizes, many with all-new tread patterns that deliver improved performance in local conditions. The new plant has resulted in an increase in the value of import substitution that CEAT has already achieved and enhanced the export earnings of the company.

CEAT Kelani manufacturing operations encompass the radial, commercial, motorcycle, three-wheeler and agricultural machinery segments. The brand accounts for market shares of 30 per cent in the radial segment, 51 per cent in the Truck/Light Truck category, 54 per cent in the 3-Wheeler segment, 17 per cent in the motorcycle segment and 72 per cent in the agricultural tyre category. CEAT supplies nearly half of the country’s overall requirement of pneumatic tyres and exports about a third of its production to 15 countries in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.