Ceylon Tea Dyed/Branded masks distributed at the “Salon Zen” Exhibition

October, 24, 2020

Ceylon Tea Dyed/Branded masks were distributed at the “Salon Zen” a pioneer in trade fairs dedicated to personal development and the art of living, which was held from 1 to 5 October 2020 in Paris attended over 35,000 visitors during the 5 days of the show.

Having the objective of increasing the awareness of Ceylon Tea as a global brand, the Sri Lanka Tea Board has introduced a Ceylon Tea branded face mask to be distributed among the business community worldwide on a complimentary basis. The specialty of the Ceylon Tea branded face mask is that it has been dyed with the use of Ceylon Tea Dye, which is a by-product of ice tea manufacturing. With a re-usability of over 30 washes, additional benefits include natural antimicrobial (AATCC 100) properties, bio-degradability, eco-friendliness and non-toxicity.

The Ceylon Tea masks distributed at the “Salon Zen” along with a “Guayapi” organic Ceylon tea. “Guayapi” is distributing various Sri Lankan origin organic products such as organic tea, organic spices, kitual tickle, Kurrakkan and herbal products to the French customers.

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