Change in purchasing buses for SLTB under Indian line of credit

January, 14, 2020

Approval of the Cabinet has been granted previously to purchase 400, 50-54 new seater buses and 100 32-35 new seater buses, utilizing US $ 15.03 million under the Indian Line of Credit.

In the meantime, the Sri Lanka Transport Board having re-assessed their requirements in supplying an efficient and comfortable service to the general public has identified the types of buses and number of buses to be deployed in long distance, main routes in the urban and also the by roads in rural areas.

Accordingly, the proposal made by the Minister of Transport Services Management to purchase 500, 30-35 new seater buses and 100, 42-45 high back new seater buses, instead of the buses previously planned to be purchased under the Indian Line of Credit, was approved by the Cabinet.