China – Human Rights – Right to Life

October, 6, 2021

The Silk Road Journal by Mahika Ming

All 168 targets set in the 2016 – 2020 human rights action plan which was released in 2016 by the Peoples Republic of China has been achieved as per sources. According to many in the international community, China followed a “people-centered concept respecting & protecting human rights promoting the objectives of the plan”. Analysts indicate improvements in safeguarding grass root; socioeconomic, cultural, political rights & especially the rights of minorities, women, children, elderly & the disabled in China during the period. The process of human rights information dissemination & education has also been commended. China being the starting point of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) released the 2021 – 2025 human rights action plan identifying objectives of respecting & protecting human rights during the period.

At the general debate of the third committee of the 76th session of the UN general assembly China urged the USA & others who were critical on Xinjian, Hong Kong & Tibet to avoid double standards & appreciate what is right & just. It is common to see some members using UN platforms for conflict provocative undue interfering into the internal affairs of others using human rights as per many who shared China’s view. According to Chinese sources this type of undue interference is in fact causing delays in implementing development projects in many countries which if not will help raise living standards of millions strengthening the rights of the under privileged.

China also urged other member states to focus on the hand which holds the spot light & pay attention to the US human rights situation. White supremacy, discrimination against African & Asian Americans & Islamophobia tops the list of the main allegations against USA. China also encouraged dialogue & not confrontation among countries. Many African nations including Eritrea, Guyana, Cote d'Ivoire, Namibia & Zimbabwe have expressed similar views with China along with Laos & Uruguay. Cuba, Syria, Belarus, Ethiopia & Democratic People's Republic of Korea were also against the interference into the internal affairs of other sovereign states using the human rights tool.

The Right to Life is the most important of all. At a time the human race is fighting for that right against the invisible enemy COVID – 19, China has helped many millions including Sri Lankans to win the Right to Life by providing millions of doses of the anti COVID – 19 vaccines using the logistical mechanisms established with the BRI. Sri Lanka was able to vaccinate more than 50% of its population mainly due to the generosity of its ancient friend China more in terms of numbers. Other states such as India, USA, Japan & Russia also supported Sri Lanka with this regard. As China expressed at the UN, it is important to restart the world economic engine as quickly as possible looking at the bigger picture. Only such an approach will ensure most rights of many.