DFCC Bank Unveils Annual Report for 2023, Highlighting Exceptional Financial Performance Driven by Deep Commitment to Sustainability

May, 14, 2024

DFCC Bank recently unveiled its Annual Report 2023, spotlighting the Bank's remarkable achievements against a backdrop of formidable challenges and exciting opportunities. Overcoming a challenging and dynamic economic environment, DFCC Bank emerged, posting a record-breaking financial year. These achievements were complemented and supported by the Bank's many sustainable initiatives in its drive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, reflected throughout its annual report.

In keeping with the Bank's ambitious standards for transparent reporting, DFCC Bank's Annual Report adopts an integrated reporting style. It delves deep into the Bank's unwavering dedication to sustainable development, emphasising its holistic environmental and social responsibility approach. The report also meticulously addresses material risks, opportunities, and outcomes, underscoring the Bank's commitment to transparency and accountability.

Thimal Perera, CEO at DFCC Bank, commented, "We are pleased to present our Annual Report 2023, which is now available online for all stakeholders. Following our commitment to ushering in an era of paperless banking, we have again focused on digital circulation and the availability of up-to-date information. The report presents an overview and in-depth analysis of our innovative value-creation model, structured around our eight distinct capitals. This strategic framework has empowered us to achieve excellence across financial KPIs and our efforts to drive sustainable development, creating a positive impact on our communities and the environment. We invite all stakeholders to peruse our annual report for 2023."

DFCC Bank's ability to achieve a harmonious balance between robust financial performance and sustainable practices sets it apart as a genuine trailblazer in the industry. Its journey thus far is highlighted in its Annual Report 2023, now available for public access at https://dfcc2023.annualreports.lk/index.html.

Guided by the principles of materiality and the precautionary principle, DFCC Bank has navigated the complex economic and business landscape with prudence and foresight. Prioritising sustainability alongside financial strength, the Bank has achieved unmatched resilience while moving steadily towards its long-term objectives, thus creating enduring value for all stakeholders.