Dilly & Carlo collaborates with Sunlight to educate customers on taking care of clothes to last longer

October, 3, 2022

Dilly & Carlo, an established local brand in the manufacturing and retail business in Sri Lanka for generations, is encouraging customers to focus on buying less clothes but of higher quality so that everyone can contribute towards saving the planet by supporting the global goals for sustainability.

High quality clothes are known to last a long time which means that customers don’t have to buy as many clothes as they normally do. High quality clothes also provide timeless designs and help the customers to get the most out of their clothing as they would last a long period of time. Customers should not feel shy to wear the same clothes several times. Sustainable fashion doesn't only mean eco-friendly practices. It also means that the people who make clothes are paid a fair wage and have safe working conditions.

It is important to understand the impact of materials when choosing to make more sustainable purchases. A good rule of thumb is to invest in clothing that would last you many years. Dilly & Carlo are proud to be among the few brands that use quality and long lasting fabric.

Investing in good garments is just the first step toward building a sustainable wardrobe. One must also ensure clothes last as long as possible by not over washing them and also repairing them. In order to educate their customers on wash care Dilly & Carlo has collaborated with Sunlight, a leading brand that is known to keep clothes clean fresh, bright and fragrant, thereby enabling people to go about their daily lives with clothes feeling fresh and vibrant. While Sunlight offers consumers a range of laundry soaps, powders and also liquids, the brand is also renowned for caring that goes beyond clothes. To educate customers on washcare and how to take care of their clothes, Dilly & Carlo will be giving away a bottle of Sunlight’s care naturals new liquid detergent bottle for free with every purchase at its Flagship Store.

Life of clothes can be extended by taking good care of them, mending, tailoring as needed, and making alterations to modernize their looks to help make them match the wearer's current taste. When clearing out the closet, be aware of how clothes are disposed of. Re-selling, organizing clothes swap initiatives, donating to charities and organizations that are looking for used clothing, and handing down precious garments such as Dilly’s Batik pieces to loved ones are some of the ways to ensure clothes are reused.

Dilani Wijeysekara - Director, Dilly and Carlo stated, “Making conscious sustainable decisions today is very vital to our planet. Therefore, we as a brand encourage customers to buy less and buy quality, timeless pieces. We also encourage our customers to live by the 4Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repeat. To contribute towards the global effort, we follow a ‘sustainable from heart’ approach as we believe timeless design is sustainable design.”

Dilly’s was established in 1987 to cater to Colombo's desire for high-end designer wear with a local twist. As the company grew, Dilly’s introduced its men's wear brand Carlo and other sub brands such as Girl by Dilly’s, Moods and sportswear brand Indigo which are available online and at their outlets.