eArrow partnered with DIMO to Digitize their Vocational Training Arm, Paving the Way for a New Era in Skills Development

June, 7, 2023

The partnership between eArrow (Pvt) Ltd and DIESEL & MOTOR ENGINEERING PLC (DIMO) to digitize their vocational training arm is a significant step forward in the training and development of DIMO Academy for Technical Skills. DIMO Academy for Technical Skills has been renowned for its exceptional service in providing highly employable technical qualifications in the fields of Automobile and Building Services in line with German Vocational Training Standards youth of Sri Lanka. Their commitment to offering these services free of charge to students for decades has undoubtedly made a significant positive impact on the automotive industry.

eArrow's expertise in developing web-based enterprise software products positions them well to support DIMO in this endeavour. Their focus on providing high-quality solutions in various industries makes them a suitable partner to assist DIMO in digitizing their vocational training arm effectively.

By embracing digital technologies and expanding into various vocational training areas, DIMO Academy for Technical Skills is now adapting to the evolving needs of students not only in automobile industry but expanding towards many other industries in vocational training. Introducing paid courses following international standards not only enables the Academy to sustain its operations but also ensures that they can continue to provide high-quality training to a broader range of students.

The digitization efforts undertaken by eArrow Pvt Ltd will likely enhance the training experience for students at DIMO Academy for Technical Skills. Digitizing the vocational training arm will enable the utilization of modern teaching methodologies, interactive learning tools, and online resources, thereby creating a more engaging and effective learning environment. Students will have access to a wider range of training materials and resources, which can contribute to their overall skill development.

This collaboration between eArrow Pvt Ltd and DIMO Academy for Technical Skills represents a new era in vocational training and development. It demonstrates a commitment to innovation, excellence, and a forward-thinking approach in preparing students for the challenges and opportunities in their respective fields.

The implementation of eArrow's higher education management platform for DIMO is a significant advancement towards a fully online student management process. This application developed by eArrow streamlines the entire student lifecycle, starting from registration to certification, within a higher educational and academic environment.

By leveraging this platform, DIMO can transition from traditional paper-based systems to a digital ecosystem. The platform stores and manages all student-related information, including historical and current records, in a fully digitized format. This ensures easy accessibility and retrieval of student data when required, reducing paperwork and enhancing administrative efficiency.

In addition to student records management, eArrow's platform provides comprehensive operational management capabilities for the institution. It offers features and functionalities tailored to the specific needs of higher educational institutions, enabling effective management of various administrative tasks and processes.

eArrow Pvt Ltd, established in 2005, has a commendable track record of supplying high-quality web-based enterprise software products and services globally. Their expertise spans multiple industries, including Telecom, Education, Health, Finance, Manufacturing, and Industrial sectors. The company has developed proprietary enterprise resource planning and management software solutions, demonstrating their commitment to delivering world-class products.

One of the strengths of eArrow's solutions lies in their flexibility and configurability. Their software can be easily customized to meet the specific requirements of any business vertical. This adaptability sets their solutions apart from other competitive products, as it allows organizations like DIMO to tailor the platform to their unique needs and processes.

Overall, the adoption of eArrow's higher education management platform by DIMO represents a significant step towards digital transformation in the field of higher education. The platform's capabilities streamline administrative tasks, improve data management, and contribute to overall operational efficiency within the institution.

Overall, eArrow's decision to advance their Higher Education Management Platforms to a different vertical highlights their vision for growth and their dedication to delivering high-quality software solutions to a wider range of industries.