eCybersec and FireEye join forces to help Sri Lankan organisations fend off advanced cyber attacks

November, 11, 2015

eCybersec to offer FireEye solutions to organisations in Sri Lanka

eCybersec, a leading information security consulting company, today announced it has joined forces with FireEye, the leader in stopping today's advanced cyber attacks, to provide FireEye offerings to organisations in Sri Lanka.

The partnership combines the expertise of eCybersec in IT security and consulting with the benefits of the FireEye threat protection platform. As a result, organisations can take advantage of eCybersec’s extensive knowledge of the threat landscape and industry best practices, and realise the benefits of FireEye solutions for greater threat protection and better threat management.

Sanjee Balasuriya, Managing Director, CEO and Founder of eCybersec said, “This partnership with FireEye plays an important role in addressing Sri Lanka’s information security challenges. By tapping technology, threat intelligence and expertise from FireEye, we are helping organisations dramatically improve their defensive capabilities. This is a critical time for cyber security in Sri Lanka when firms are increasing reliant on technology and exposed to attacks from beyond our borders. It’s important they take cyber risks seriously.”

Sanjee Balasuriya added that this partnership would help eCybersec to deliver the highest quality information security services to valuable customers.

Terrance Maximus Tangit, Country Manager for Vietnam, Indonesia and New Markets at FireEye said, “As more organisations in Sri Lanka move online and become more engaged in international commerce, they become more exposed to targeted cyber attacks. This year alone, FireEye has publicly revealed the work of two advanced persistent threat groups mounting campaigns against South Asia. Organisations need to have the ability to detect and respond to advanced cyber attacks. Legacy security solutions won’t cut it.”

Research Finds Significant Threats
According to a recent FireEye report, Regional Advanced Threat Report for Asia Pacific, 33 percent of the organisations the company observed in the region faced a targeted cyber attack in the first six months of 2015. The global average was 20 percent.

In August, FireEye revealed a campaign called WATERMAIN which targeted organisations in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. The group appeared to target information pertaining to border disputes.

In April, FireEye published a report on APT30, a Chinese-linked advanced persistent threat group that waged a decade-long cyber espionage campaign on South Asia and Southeast Asia. APT30 targeted governments, businesses and journalists.

Photo : Sanjee Balasuriya, Managing Director, CEO and Founder of eCybersec