England cricket star Stuart Broad’s latest maiden is lingerie model Bealey Mitchell

June, 16, 2014

England cricket captain Stuart Broad clearly has Twenty20 vision when it comes to dating.

The bowler’s latest maiden is lingerie model Bealey Mitchell, pictured here with him at the Derby.

They got together a few weeks ago after meeting in a bar.

Bealey, 26, was so smitten she got Stuart’s number from friends and arranged a date with the star, who is playing against Sri Lanka in the first Test at Lord’s.

They have hardly been apart since and were spotted at Epsom last Saturday.

Bealey – who is also a Zumba coach – is now said to be preparing to shimmy into Stuart’s Nottingham home.

A friend of the couple said: “They are besotted and have even met each other’s parents.

“Bealey has been told she’s more than welcome to move in with him. She already practically lives at his home anyway.”

The pal added: “Bealey clicked with Stuart in a bar, but she was in a relationship so they never swapped numbers. After her split she tracked him down.”

England Twenty20 captain Stuart, 27, has dated several beautiful women, including Inbetweeners actress Kacey Barnfield and beauty queen Laura Coleman.

Stuart claims he is a home bird despite his party animal image. Bealey, of Leicester, models bridal gowns as well as lingerie. Seams the bowler’s single days might be over.