Global WAFL Range Arrives in Sri Lanka

November, 13, 2019

Meet WAFL – international fast-food brand with various waffle menus: Desserts and snacks in mouthwatering, wholesome and keenly stylish offerings. You heard right – both sweet and savoury treats in the WAFL way! We take the sweetest delights and best solid treats and wrap it all into fresh hot WAFL. In sunny California and frosty Siberia, in warm Arabian Lebanon and in Asian India - up and down the globe we rock everything that you know about desserts and snacks!

Freshly made, right in front of guests’ eyes Hong Kong and Belgian WAFL – so hot! With cool ice cream or tender whipped cream, juicy fruits and berries, crispy cookies and nuts, tempting chocolates, all covered with colorful sprinklings and flavourful toppings. Fairy-tale beauty, to satisfy the eyes, even better to taste. Sweet WAFL is that good! If we love it so much why do you keep it only for dessert? We have given thought to it. We can, and we do! Meet the new trend – Start your meal with savoury WAFL food. WAFL Corndog, WAFL Sandwich, WAFL Pie – it is all much more delicious with a WAFL dough! WAFL Corndog is hot but do not think it is just a hot dog. Original tastes of veg or non-veg sausages in fresh WAFL dough. Have you ever tried something like this? And what about WAFL Sandwich? It is altogether different. It is fresh-, tender WAFL dough cooked in your full view. Don’t forget unusual WAFL Pie with the favourite pizza fillings-time-honoured recipes for the contemporary rhythm. Fresh & healthy meals with WAFL will surely catch your fancy. Healthy, friendly and tasty meals for the, active and cheerful fitness lovers.  But there are many more allures. WAFL is about colourful emotions- a wide variety of delights. Each guest is taken special care of, because you are important for us.

WAFL brand history began with an Idea that occurred to a Russian team. Within 2 years, miraculously, over 50 WAFL outlets opened right round the world- in Russia, India, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Nepal, Mongolia, Lebanon It was as if a potent mantra of success had intervened. Up Coming WAFL outlets will begin operations in 2019, these outlets are Sri Lanka, Pakisthan and Bangalidesh. This international WAFL brand will be available in 2020 Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippine, Indonesia, Australia and  New Zealand.

And now to the delight and the joy of Sri Lankans WAFL has just arrived in Sri Lanka. For both WAFL and Sri Lanka it was love at first sight.

We lost no time in searching for the best ingredients to provide the ultimate recipes customizing WAFL menu for the Sri Lankans. The search has brought us to a stunning success.

We’ve kept the original franchising model for fast expansion and got a huge response from Sri Lanka.

As for Sri Lankan foodies they just loved the various WAFL goodies!

Denis Efimovich, Head of International sales, WAFL Brand, participating in this ceremony stated: “We are immensely happy that we have been able to bring along, the world - reputed WAFL menus to great Sri Lanka, considered by globe-trotters as Number One Tourist Destination of the World. This moment marks the introduction of the tantalizing WAFL range to the local food tradition, that dates back to thousands of years. Sri Lankans will invariably benefit by experiencing an exotic and exciting fresh taste range that is the hallmark of WAFL menus. We cordially invite the great Sri Lankan community to become familiar with a whole new world of WAFL taste.”

Tharidu Disanayake, Managing Director, Go Eats (Pvt) Ltd who operates the WAFL franchise in Sri Lanka says,: “ I must record my great pleasure for being able to be associated with the introduction of the WAFL menu range to Sri Lanka. I deem it a victory that we have being able to bring WAFL menu range to our land. I cordially invite Sri Lankan food lovers to make the best possible use of experiencing the new WAFL taste, very soon.”

The WAFL lovers’ movement was formed at the very first Opening in Colombo and keeps growing.  Inspired by the great feedback, we continue WAFL Sri Lanka expansion and conduct ongoing experiments to delight Sri Lankan foodies with new WAFL treats in new WAFL places. Over 13 WAFL cafes are already mapped out for Sri Lanka in 2019-2020. We have a lot to do and quite a lot to say to Sri Lankans!

If any Sri Lankan investor is interested in joining this profitable business, we will give them the status of sub-franchise holders. We always encourage different thoughts, ideas and new knowledge in this business and ensuring the profit.




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