Handagama abandons ‘crowd funding’ movie dream

March, 17, 2014

Veteran Sri Lankan film maker Asoka Handagama, attempting to make his first ‘crowd funded’ film in the island, or resorting to the internet to collect funds for such a movie, told AdaderanaBiz that he has now realized he cannot raise the expected funds through such a process.

He expected to raise USD 50,000 through the ‘crowd funding’ process on the internet to produce his latest film, said Handagama.

However, according to the response so far, he would not be able to collect such an amount over the internet, he added.

“But this (crowd funding) is a good opportunity for documentary or short film producers to raise funds for their creations. Hence, documentary film makers in this country would make better use of this method in the future,” Asoka Handagama said.

The inability to still attract inward remittances to this country through PayPal money exchange services are obstacles to such a system becoming popular in this country.