#HAPPYSRILANKANS and Emojot Partnership Aims to Spread Happiness with Emotion Sensors

November, 12, 2015

Two companies partner to facilitate expression of emotions in online interactions

Emojot Inc. is teaming up with Sri Lankan online platform #HAPPYSRILANKANS to explore methods to increase 'happiness' by raising emotional awareness with the use of Emotion Sensors.

'As a digital community brand, #HAPPYSRILANKANS promotes happy and positive aspects and news from the Sri Lankan community worldwide via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+,' said #HAPPYSRILANKANS Founder and CEO, Manoj Alwis. 'I'm very excited and 'happy' to partner with Emojot to drive this first Sri Lankan online platform.'

#HAPPYSRILANKANS will be leveraging Emojot's Emotion Sensors across their branded sites #HappyPlaces, #HappyPeople, #HappyBusiness, #HappyTech, #HappyFoods and so on, while providing social media marketing for travel and other businesses through the #HAPPYSRILANKANS platform.

According to Emojot Founder and CEO Shahani Markus, 'This is a perfectly aligned partnership because happiness is one of the most fundamental and highly cherished human emotions. Emojot sees amazing synergies between what #HAPPYSRILANKANS is trying to propagate and achieve and what we are doing in terms of raising emotional awareness with our Emotion Sensors - seamlessly capturing, visualizing and analyzing emotions. With the capability that our Emotion Sensors offer in enabling prompt responses back to the emoters based on emotion data, we are a perfect platform for #HAPPYSRILANKANS to leverage in their mission to propagate and market happiness.'