Hayleys’ Group ‘Puritas Sath Diyawara' continues to provide clean drinking water for two more CKD affected villages

September, 10, 2015

Two centralized Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants sponsored by Hayleys PLC Group companies, Hayleys Agriculture and Alumex PLC will be launched today, 3rd September 2015 in Welioya in Northern Province & Billewa in the North Central Province. This project under the banner “Puritas Sath Diyawara” is the key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative undertaken by the Hayleys Group at a cost of Rs. 21 million (210 lakhs) to-date. With these two projects, a total of 7 villages have been provided with clean drinking water benefitting over 9,400 people so far.

Mr. Mohan Pandithage, Chairman and Chief Executive of Hayleys Group along with the participation of Directors/ Group Management Committee Members / Senior Management of the Hayleys Group and key government officials will grace the opening of the two new plants today.

‘Puritas Sath Diyawara’ CSR project will reach out to the people of the  North Central and Northern Provinces who are affected  by CKD, providing purified water, livelihood development activities, promoting appropriate health & sanitation practices and  awareness & knowledge dissemination.