HNB Grameen announces corporate name change to HNB Finance

October, 9, 2018

In response to the changes of the Company’s position as a major financial institution that provides a more comprehensive range of financial solutions strengthened by 18 years of market expertise and stability, HNB Grameen announced that the Company will change its name to HNB Finance.

A pioneering financial institution in the country, HNB Finance steadily evolved in to a fully-fledged financial institution during the course of its successful journey through addressing various challenges with foresight in a timely manner.

“As an organization that has built up its strong and lasting relationships with customers over nearly two decades, we are pleased to announce a new strategic direction with our rebranding to HNB Finance. This timely move signals a new phase in the continuing expansion of HNB Finance towards offering a more comprehensive range of financial solutions that are more closely aligned with the value proposition of our parent company, HNB PLC.

Hence while our existing customers will still be able to count on HNB Finance for our wide range of services, we will also be rounding our offering to customers with a complete suite of financial services. We will also draw on the strength and expertise of our parent to infuse all our services with digital value-addition to offer customers convenient, reliable services anywhere in the country and we look forward with great anticipation to the great strides which HNB Finance will make in partnership with our valued customers moving forward,” HNB Finance Chairman, Jonathan Alles said.

Commenting on the name change, B.M.D.C. Prabath, Managing Director – HNB Finance said, “From our beginning as a micro finance institution, our bold yet strategically prudent business approaches have paved the way for our emergence as a robust financial institution in Sri Lanka. Given the changing socio-economic context of the country which gives rise to new customer financial requirements, the name change sets the initial step for our growth plan to become Sri Lanka’s leading financial institution and set foot in the global financial arena.”

“I am confident that this will set us on the right direction to offer a wider range of financial solutions and move forward on an upward trajectory,” B.M.D.C. Prabath stated further.

HNB Finance plans to make several strategic changes in its direction with guidance from Hatton National Bank PLC. Moreover, the Company will introduce new financial solutions and transform existing financial solutions to offer more focused and efficient services to customers. Following the footsteps of Hatton National Bank PLC which offers excellent digital banking services, HNB Finance too will enter the digital era to offer digital financial solutions to customers.

Hatton National Bank PLC will guide HNB Finance to streamline a number of areas such as financial management, loan facilities, loan reclaiming and human resource management. Accordingly, the name change will set the tone to elevate HNB Finance’s management, customer services and administrative functions to an unparalleled level.

HNB Finance Limited was established in the year 2000 and is licensed as a registered Finance Company by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The company pioneered commercial based microfinance in Sri Lanka, charting a new course for the enterprising but inclusive small scale entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka. Maintaining an extensive island-wide presence across 48 branches and 21service Centers with the power of Hatton National Bank’s 650 ATM machines, HNB Finance has over the recent past expanded into new fields of business and now offers Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Loans in addition to savings, gold loans, fixed deposits facilities and leasing products.

Photo caption: Jonathan Alles – Chairman (left) and B.M.D.C. Prabhath - Manging Director CEO