ICTA introduces two key communication tools to GoSL

March, 26, 2020

It is vital to ensure the business continuity of the government during the lock-down situation. Real time information sharing and communication among all key public sector entities, connecting multiple government agencies and employees is an essential need of the hour.

To ensure there is no interruption to critical government functions,  ICTA has introduced two key communication tools to GoSL which is being already adopted by number of key government organizations.

One tool is dedicated for communication which includes real time messaging with other many useful facilities. This will enable the government to communicate among their officials effectively in a coordinated manner  seamlessly across the government.

The second tool is a customized open source product which caters to the requirements of video conferencing for GoSL. can be utilized by any government organization through a simple authentication, has an array of features and is fully encrypted and backed by support from Lanka Government Information Infrastructure (LGII) and hosted at Lanka Government Cloud (LGC).  Helpline is available through  011 2497900 for Gov.