James Packer and ex-wife Erica laugh off street brawl in show of unity at funeral

May, 9, 2014

JAMES and Erica Packer flew out of Sydney Airport together this morning to attend the funeral of billionaire Paul Ramsay in Bowral.

The pair boarded a helicopter with a small entourage, including Channel 7 boss Kerry Stokes, just before 10am for the trip to Bowral.

Healthcare billionaire Ramsay, who died last week, left most of his $3.7 billion fortune to charity.

It is the first time the pair have spotted together in Australia since their split last September.

Packer arrived in a private jet and entered the ExecuJet hanger alone at 9.40am.

He was still sporting his now-infamous black eye from his fight with Channel 9 boss David Gyngell outside his $20 million Bondi mansion on Sunday.

Ten minutes later airport staff drove a van slowly in front of the group to avoid prying eyes as they boarded.

Stokes walked ahead of the van followed by Packer with his ex-wife following behind.

Mrs Packer left her Vaucluse mansion just after 9am in a taxi which sped off down Vaucluse Rd.

The Packers, who share three children, led a lengthy roll call of Australia’s business, social, sporting and political elite who today gathered to farewell the health baron.

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