Japan’s Odakyu Group exclusively partners TAD Group for unprecedented Rs. 4.5 Bn investment in Sri Lanka

February, 19, 2019

Being one of the largest conglomerates, operating in a multitude of mandates in Transport, Real Estate and Retail in Japan; the Odakyu Group together with its consortium partners Stacia Capital and UDS, is no stranger to grand ventures. For the first time in its illustrious 70 year history, it reaches far beyond Japan as it establishes its first offshore partnership, in Sri Lanka.

Enabling this historic venture is the TAD Group, a multi-faceted conglomerate in its own right, operating in Sri Lanka. With ongoing mandates engaging numerous partners in the Property, Energy and Investment sectors in the country, the exclusive Odakyu-TAD partnership brings in an expected investment of Rs. 4.5 Billion with a number of significant further investment mandates to bolster the Sri Lankan economy over the upcoming years.

The Odakyu Group operates as a diversified conglomerate with interests in Transport, Real Estate, Merchandising and Hospitality. One of its most significant ventures is the Odakyu Railway Line. Operating a number of these across Japan, the line bridging the Tokyo Central Business District (CBD) and Kanagawa alone, sees over 2 million passengers daily. To put that in perspective, Sri Lanka sees an influx of around 2 million visitors to the country, annually.

Spread across 44 subsidiaries and generating annual revenues in excess of US$ 4.6 Billion, one of the pioneering drivers of Odakyu’s powerhouse success in Japan, lies in its unique model of diversification. UDS, a fully owned subsidiary of the Odakyu Group, is a renowned end-to-end property solutions provider that has mastered the development and fulfillment of star class award-winning properties in South Asia. Its services reach out from business planning and architectural design to commercial operations.

This, coupled with the UDS drive for innovation and knowhow extends beyond ownership and into partnerships, much like that of TAD Group. Stacia Capital, a global real estate management and consulting firm is another such partnership that Odakyu has leveraged upon. Together, this innovative trifecta of partnerships hope to create a renewed era of growth and leadership in the Sri Lankan economy.

The TAD Group prides itself on being one of a handful of end-to-end facilitators for FDIs in Sri Lanka. With interests in Property, Energy, Retail and Investments, TAD has disrupted many industries in its wake. Headed by a dynamic trio at the helm and powered by a versatile team of professionals in a multitude of industries, TAD is poised to expand exponentially with the advent of renewed interest in Sri Lanka as a ‘hub’ for investment and development. Securing yet another first, the exclusive partnership with Odakyu is not only the latest in the TAD Group’s efforts to bring in world-class investments to the country but also one of the largest Japanese company to invest in Sri Lanka.

Photo caption: (From left) Founding Directors of TAD Group Dhanuka Samarasinghe, Atheeq Ansar and Toshiaki Tanaka