JAT Holdings gears trailblazing efforts to improve environmental sustainability

June, 26, 2020

With efforts to improve environmental sustainability at a corporate level, JAT Holdings, Sri Lanka’s trusted household name for wood coating products, currently stands as the first paint company in Sri Lanka to calculate its direct and indirect carbon footprint of all 3 scopes. Identifying 2018/19 as the base year for carbon footprint calculation, JAT Holdings is officially authorized to use the Responsible Care international logo on its products by complying with international standards in relation to the organization’s commitment to environment and social sustainability.

Demonstrating environmental stewardship by Carbon Foot Print disclosure, JAT Holdings succeeded with the introduction of more reliable products along with greater, long term profitability. Adhering to guidelines and conversion factors of the United Kingdom Government Green House Gas Conversion Factors for Company Reports – DEFRA 2019, JAT completed the calculations under all three scopes. This resulted in a total carbon footprint emission of 5174.66 tCO2e, 0.00164 tCO2e per litre GHG and 15.54 tCO2e per employee GHG.

Placing sustainability as the umbrella term of good corporate governance and being the market leader in the industry, JAT Holdings recognized the importance of sustainability integration for group dynamics, with a diversified booming pattern and understood the responsibility where the Department of Corporate Sustainability captured 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) to uplift the transformation. Focusing on environmental and social sustainability, JAT ensures the incorporation of sustainability in the organization’s business and strategic streamline, process excellence and occupational health and safety – fully integrating corporate sustainability as the integrated strategy of the company’s vision to bring growth to the local community.

Striving to minimize environmental impact and mitigate climate change on a corporate level, JAT Holdings’ efforts resulted in many organizational milestones during the recent years. Along with the disclosure of the paint industry’s first full scope carbon footprint figures, JAT’s milestones include the launch of the environmental sustainability concept “Mihikathata Dayawen - Compassion to the Mother Earth”, the development of ‘Tackle the Risk’ company safety program, upgrading of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 to its latest versions, and the gain of ISO 45001 through the introduction of the Integrated Management System (IMS). JAT Holdings also merged its Corporate Sustainability department with the Human Resources team, in order to maximize effective reach in terms of corporate sustainability.

Commenting on JAT’s positive contribution to society, Mr. Kaushalya Kotuwage – Head of Human Resources and Corporate Sustainability stated, “As sustainability becomes more commonplace as a marketing gimmick to win businesses, JAT Holdings has a solid commitment towards all three pillars of sustainability. Being recognized as a company where this concept is deeply imbedded in its DNA, we will continue to focus on our carbon foot print which is used as a financial tool internationally, to enhance our triple bottom line and efforts to contribute to a healthier environment.”

For the past 25 years, JAT Holdings – the leader in wood coatings in Sri Lanka has risen in corporate reputation, financial strength and brand recognition; being recently recognized at the renowned National Business Excellence Awards 2019 for the organization’s impeccable drive to constantly innovate and improve its deliverables. With the commitment and practices to minimize waste generation and natural resource consumption, JAT Holdings dedicates its efforts to continue monitoring and evaluating the environment to the best of its capabilities.

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