Journey to healing with Barberyn – ‘Rediscover the secrets to holistic wellbeing’

March, 22, 2022

Celebrating over 50 years of fine hospitality and wholesome healing, Barberyn are pioneers of Ayurveda tourism in Sri Lanka. Barberyn established its Ayurveda medical centre Ayuwanna, within Prana Lounge premises at No. 60, Horton Place, Colombo 07. Conveniently located in the heart of Colombo, Ayuwanna is an urban retreat providing authentic Ayurveda treatments.

Barberyn is launching an Open day event titled ‘Journey to healing with Barberyn’ which will be held on 26th and 27th March, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The open day event has been curated to educate and create awareness about the ancient holistic healing system of Ayurveda, where practitioners utilise therapies and treatments to cure the root cause of disease.

The event will feature an informative and insightful exhibition on the concepts of Ayurveda and its healing mechanisms and the treatments available at Barberyn. There will be numerous Ayurveda related workshops, live consultations by Barberyn doctors as well as lectures by prominent figures in the holistic wellness industry.

Ayurveda treatments are a holistic system and generally start with an internal purification process followed by a special diet, herbal and massage therapies as well as yoga and meditation, along with follow up treatments to bring you back to balance during these uncertain times. ‘Journey to healing with Barberyn’ is free and open to all ages and we invite you to embark on a life changing journey of healing with Barberyn.

Barberyn Waves Resort, Weligama

Ayuwanna Medical Centre, Colombo 07

Barberyn Waves Resort, Weligama