Kandy mums’ in action

April, 16, 2018

A Sale of baked goodies, clothes, food items, shoes , costume jewelry, painting , perfumes and much much more were at the sale organized by "Kandy Mums" to help the Small Businesses Women Entrepreneurs of the Central Province on the 07th April 2018.

Another full house was witnessed for the Interactive event organised by Kandy Mums in connection with the Grand Sale with many activities for the benefit of the members who are young ladies, mothers and house wives in the Central Province . Led by the dynamic duo of the organisation Ms. Rajini Bastians and Ms. Yohanka Jayasuriya , the Grand sale began with the Chief Minister of the Central Province Hon. Sarath Ekanayake's presence and their sponsor Mr. Rikaz Usman of " Sellist".

The Small Business Woman Entrepreneurs showcased their products giving an
opportunity for participants to patronize their stalls. The event culminated with Fun games, Excitement , prizes and surprises while setting the ground for networking among members specially for business partnership, outsourcing etc.

Since the advent of women’s club ‘ Kandy Mums’ in June 2015, the organisation has conducted many programs, specially the trade fairs and fora of this nature from which the members benefitted immensely. "Kandy Mums" proved the power of social media through which the organization prospered with effective communication strategy.

The concept has worked well with every program achieving total success which encourages the "Kandy Mums" to reach out to more members without making an extra effort on membership drives. Today, most members have become entrepreneurs and Kandy Mums has given them the initial lift while continuously providing them a stage to market their products and receive further education of personality development. Rajini Bastians & Yohanka Jayasuriya- The dynamic duo of Kandy Mums.