Landmark Developers to create niche in lucrative property market

July, 17, 2017

Colombo is a thriving city. A modern metropolis that is evolving in to one of the most sought after cities in Asia. The skyline of Colombo has also changed drastically with the introduction of global hospitality giants, local hotel chains, entertainment hubs, shopping precincts and of course condominiums battling it out for their piece of the pie. Never before has the construction industry therefore seen such as boom.

There are many players both big and small contributing to the lucrative construction industry today. Among them are a few however, who are constantly striving to create not only modern living spaces customized to the requirements of discerning city-dwellers, but also those who go above and beyond in construction excellence, service delivery and a “landmark” product that stands out among the rest.

Landmark Developers Holding (Pvt) Ltd, is one such entity. Not limiting itself to a standard construction company, Landmark takes on the role of a potential home-owner’s trusted consultant, providing services that range from property selection, design and development, legal and documentation to interior solutions that create a ready-to-live home.

Founded in early 2017, Landmark’s vision is to become the leader in Sri Lankan sustainable real estate solutions with a global presence. A family affair, their efforts are headed by Chairperson Neelangani Hapangama. A textile designer by profession, Neelangani is a pioneer in designing children’s furniture and children’s toys. Her excellence and dedication to the industry has not only made her one among the leading businesswomen in the sector but also a notable figure in Australian and European markets for the past 30 years. Managing Director Eksith Hapangama takes up after his Mother in his pursuit of business after having read for both his first and second degrees in Business Administration in Australia. Hailing from the marketing industry, Eksith has always been among the younger more enthusiastic businessmen keen on innovation and changing traditional business models to adapt to the rapidly changing industries.

With a team highly-skilled to provide complete property development solutions, Landmark operates on a unique “Seven Pillar” mantra. All Seven Pillars have dedicated relationship managers that ensure the speed of delivery in construction and obtaining services. The Pillars will also be aligned to benefit the Sri Lankan expatriate communities living overseas wherein Landmark will provide a dedicated portal for seamless and worry-free investments. These pillars include Excellence, Empire, Establish, Compact, Interior, Feasibility and Emerge, which include varying aspects of the construction needs of today.

Landmark’s portfolio currently includes construction of apartments and commercial buildings, renting out properties for short and long-term to locals and expatriates, facility management and maintenance, legal and financial consultations, blocking and selling of land plots for residential and commercial requirements, designing and building on existing land, luxury, mid-level and low cost housing solutions, compact or “Nano Homes”, interior design, feasibility studies, and facilitating fund transfers through the Central Bank for investment projects.

For more information on Landmark’s extensive property development services portfolio, please call 0115 992663/4.