Lanka Hospitals creates awareness on importance of women’s healthcare this International Women’s Day

March, 10, 2014

In an initiative to ensure the best healthcare services for women, Lanka Hospitals has embarked on a new programme to create awareness on the importance of obtaining the best medical services and health check-ups in view of International Women’s Day.

Lanka Hospitals announced that this month it would maintain its focus on the importance of women’s healthcare, and the necessity to build awareness among women on taking medical check-ups frequently from their teenage years and throughout adulthood to ensure their good health. Lanka Hospitals’ reputed Gynaecologist, Dr. Nishendra Karunaratne speaking on the importance of women’s healthcare explained the profound impact of a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and environmental factors as it was essential for all women to be conscious of maintaining good health.

“The strength and productivity of a household, a society and an economy is based on a woman’s health, as it is the woman who is the cornerstone of success in each one of these spheres. In the absence of a woman, it is not possible to achieve any of this. Therefore it is essential that all women receive a medical check-up as often as they can so as to prevent illness and to ensure good health,” Dr. Karunaratne said.

He went on to explain that among women alone the most common illnesses were cancers in the breasts, ovaries, womb and the neck of the womb which could be prevented through early detection.

“Women, unlike the rest of us, have been blessed with the gift of giving birth and they should preserve it by making a conscious effort to prevent illness through early detection at the very outset. This is mandatory for women for the reason that unlike men, a woman’s reproductive system and other organs are constantly changing as they get older,” he further elucidated.

Senior Gynaecologist, Dr. Kamani Mayadunne who is also attached to Lanka Hospitals said that a special day allocated for woman each year signified the importance of woman and the recognition they deserved. “When we think of a woman we think of a wife or a mother who prioritises her family’s needs before her own. But it is essential for women to prioritise their health above other things.”

“Medical check-ups are a simple and straightforward process. The screening process does not cost much and test results could be obtained within one day. Unlike many other countries, women in Sri Lanka have access to good healthcare and direct access to media to obtain information on maintaining good health. It is vital to take advantage of these opportunities,” Dr. Mayadunne explained.

Lanka Hospitals would provide a 12% discount on medical check-ups for women this International Women’s Day in consideration of all women in Sri Lanka.