Latest Emerald Leonardo brand campaign shot by Triad with renowned fashion photographer Tarunn in South Africa

July, 4, 2016

Triad was recently provided with a unique opportunity to take Emerald International’s upmarket clothing brand Leonardo to the next level. The Agency was given the task of sourcing the right and most suitabletalent, locations, photography and production expertisefor a photoshoot for this upscale brand.

After having researched and evaluated the capabilities of photographers and production companieslocally and around the globe,Triad chose expert fashion and people photographer TarunnTarunnand his production crew from Aditi Productions India, who would coordinate with their preferred production Directors and crew from South Africa- SA Productions in sourcing the right talent and locations.This was the perfect fit to meet the end objective,takinginto account Tarunn’s close upon 20 years’ experience working with global brands,having carried out his photography expertise in countries such as Thailand,Singapore,South Africa and in his homeland India. Aditi Productions from India who works closely with Tarunncoordinated with SA productions in South Africa in sourcing location, talent and the required props and other services.

Furthermore, South Africa was chosen as the location for the shoot due to its sophistication and the ease of converting locations to suit the mood and situations that was required,while also considering the previous experience and confidence Tarunn had gained working with SA productions South Africa.

In order to ensure that the perfect brand image was created, four senior members of Triad also accompanied the production crew to South Africa for the shoot. The Triad team got an unique opportunity to work with experts in the field of photography, talent, hair and makeup, location and production management. Tarunn, along with the Production team from Aditi Productions of India together with SA productions Cape Town, from Cape Town, South Africa worked tirelessly with Triad to achieve the perfect look for the campaign.

This was the most recent overseas tour by a Triad team,followingtours of other teams from the Agency to places such as the Cannes Film Festival in France,Adfest in Bangkok and multiple visits to Singapore for training and colour grading workshops.