Launch of Blog Space – “HELAWOOD POPCORN”

January, 18, 2019

It is the beginning of a new virtual place to discuss and connect equal minds to explore “NOW” & “THEN” of our Cinema and its journey ahead at a click of your fingertips. We are getting ready to unveil our Brand New Cinema Story “HELAWOOD POPCORN” on Cyberspace, on 23rd January at 3.30 p.m. at Thranganie Film Hall of National Film Corporation.

PEO TV originated its Cinema Story from the inception where we opened up our TV platform for local Films and productions and initiated a collection of most popular local movies for our viewers. This gigantic step helped us to build prominence towards local Cinema, within our own “Home Box Office” by taking the masterpieces to the viewers’ doorstep re-generating returns for movies produced locally.

The intended blog, “HELAWOOD POPCORN” will be an ideal destination to engage, share your views and discover the possibilities for the betterment of Local Cinema.

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