List of institutions brought under the purview of Finance Ministry

August, 12, 2020

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has been appointed as the new Finance Minister of Sri Lanka.

The new ministerial structure consisting 28 Ministries and 40 State Ministries was announced by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa through an extraordinary gazette notification.

Accordingly, two-state ministries were appointed under the Finance Ministry. They are the State Minister for Finance, Capital Market and State Enterprise Reforms, and the State Minister for Samurdhi, Micro Finance, Self Employment & Business Development and Under-utilized State Resource Development.

Formulating national economic and financial policies and strategies of the country, Formulating fiscal policy, and macro-fiscal policy management, Preparing national development plan and management of financial resources, Managing national tax policy and effective use of government revenue, Formulating monetary policies, Coordinating public, and private sector activities and conducting economic development activities, are some of the core objectives of the Finance Ministry.

Following are the full list of departments and institutions assigned under the Finance Ministry:

-  Treasury Affairs

General Treasury

  • Department of National Planning
  • Department of Fiscal Policy
  • Department of National Budget
  • Department of Management Services
  • Department of External Resources
  • Department of Public Finance
  • Department of Treasury Operations
  • Department of State Accounts
  • Department of Trade and Investment Policy
  • Department of Information Technology Management
  • Department of Legal Affairs
  • Department of Management Audit
  • Department of Development Finance
  • Comptroller General's Office


-   State Revenue Management

  • Department of Inland Revenue
  • Sri Lanka Custom
  • Department of Excise
  • National Lotteries Board
  • Development Lotteries Board
  • Department of Valuation
  • Department of Imports and Exports

-   Banking Financial and Capital Policy and Regulatory Affairs

  • Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • All State Banks, Finance, Insurance and their subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Insurance Board of Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Credit Information Bureau
  • Department of Registrar of Companies
  • Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Accounting and Auditing Standards Monitoring Board
  • Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation

-  Statistical information and Studies

  • Department of Census and Statistics
  • Institute of Policy Studies
  • Sustainable Development Council

-  Welfare and Social Security

  • Welfare Benefits Board

-  Funding provisions

  • Lady Lochore Fund
  • Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion and Terrorism Fund
  • National Insurance Trust Fund
  • Employees' Trust Fund
  • Let's Protect Children (Daruwan Surakimu) Trust
  • Shrama Vasana Fund
  • National Health Development Fund
  • National Kidney Foundation of Sri Lanka
  • Tea Shakthi Fund
  • Kapruka Fund
  • Public Service Pensioners' Trust Fund
  • Buddha Sasana Fund
  • Buddhist Revival Fund
  • Skills Development Fund Ltd
  • Local Loans and Development Fund
  • Thurusaviya Fund
  • Central Cultural Fund

-  Institutions to be liquidated

  • Department of Telecommunications
  • Wildlife Trust
  • Sri Lanka Media Training Institute
  • Department of Internal Trade

1.1   State Ministry of Finance & Capital Market and State Enterprise Reforms

  • Department of Public Enterprises
  • Department of Project Management and Monitoring
  • National Operations Centre
  • Housing Development Finance Corporation of Sri Lanka
  • State Mortgage & Investment Bank
  • Institutions owned by the Secretary to the Treasury under the Revival of Underperforming Enterprises or Underutilized Assets Act

1.2   State Ministry of Samurdhi, Micro Finance, Self Employment & Business Development and Underutilized State Resource Development

  • State Resources Management Corporation
  • Department of Samurdhi Development
  • Regional Development Bank
  • National Enterprise Development Authority
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Capital Company
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Authority
  • Grama Shakthi Bureau
  • National Institute of Social Development
  • Rural Development Training and Research Institute
  • Social Security Board
  • National Council For Persons with Disabilities
  • National Secretariat For Persons with Disabilities