Local expertise for three overhead walkways in Kottawa

May, 6, 2014

AdaderanaBiz earlier revealed that three overhead electrically operated pedestrian crossings are to be constructed by the government at Kottawa.

While updating AdaderanaBiz on the latest state of this project, Road Development Authority (RDA) chief R.W.R. Pemasiri said the discussions are in progress to construct these overhead walkways while resorting to local technological expertise.

“We are trying to use local expertise as far as possible for the construction of these three overhead walkways. They are in the planning stages now.

“We have monitored that around 3,000 pedestrians cross the roads everyday in the Kottawa town. This is also one factor for the increase in traffic congestion,” said the RDA chief while adding that Sri Lanka’s first overhead electric walkway is already under construction in Panadura.