Maruti registrations skids by 31% in Sri Lanka

January, 25, 2016

Registrations of Maruti model motorcars have reportedly dropped by 31 per cent in Sri Lanka during December 2015. While 5,631 Maruti motorcars had been registered in Sri Lanka during November 2015, this number has dropped to 3,882 in December.

The highest number of Maruti registration has been during the month of September in 2015 with 8,029 vehicles.

Meanwhile, the total number of motorcars registered in Sri Lanka in September 2015 has been recorded as 7,177. Compared to the 10,084 of cars imported in November it is a drop of 29 per cent.

The number of three-wheelers registered during December 2015 is 10,480 whereas in November it was 13,668 – a drop of 23 per cent.

However, the number of motor-cycles registered in December 2015 is 30,241 and 31,262 in November. This could be considered a minor drop of around three per cent.

The total number of vehicles registered in Sri Lanka during November 2015 is 61,864 and this has dropped to 54,139 in December, recording a drop of around 12.5 per cent, according to a survey conducted by JB Securities.