Ministry aims at 812,000 MT of fisheries productions this year

March, 8, 2018

The Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Ministry has implemented several projects to meet the target of producing 812,000 metric tons of fisheries productions this year, Fisheries Ministry sources said.

Accordingly, the Ministry has planned to increase the total fish production by increasing the sea fish production to 434,000 metric tons, aquaculture fish production to 140,000 and inland fish production to 238,000 metric tons.

The total fish production was recorded as 389,500 MT in 2017, which includes 335,750 MT of marine fish and 53,750 MT of inland fish.

By enhancing the fisheries production, the Ministry plans to increase the annual per capita fish consumption, increase fish exports and reduce fish imports, the sources said.

To meet these targets, the Ministry aims to reduce post-harvest losses, enhance chilling facilities, introduce new technologies and provide fishing boats at concessionary rates.