New Year seems prosperous for Sri Lankan cricketers

April, 13, 2014

Get largest amount of cash ever received by a cricketer in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Treasurer Nuski Mohamed says that the ICC Twenty/20 World Cup win has enabled the Sri Lankan cricketers to receive the largest amount of cash ever received by a player in the island’s history.

While speaking to AdaderanaBiz, Mr. Mohamed said, “Each player who was in the team in the tournament which was played for 30 days are expected to receive nearly Rs. 250 lakhs each.

The total value of the approximately USD 2.8 million will include the USD 1.5 million from SLC, the USD 1.1 million offered to the World Cup winners and the match fee of USD 200,000.

“The team will decide on how this should be shared. Generally it is shared on an equal basis. Out team did not receive such an amount even when we won the ODI World Cup in 1996. So, this is the largest amount so far to be received by a Sri Lankan cricketer,” added Nuski Mohamed.

SLC has received USD 8.9 million for its participation at this tournament.